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  1. Allow me to give you a nudge.....BLACK!
  2. Sixty year old cars have a lot of stories to tell....or hide. Have fun with the search. I'm sure you'll find the Avanti that's just right for you. Dennis
  3. I think I'd keep looking. Yes, it's an Avanti and that's what you want. But, it's been significantly modified with color changes inside and out. Maybe that's OK, or maybe it's lipstick on a pig. If you decide to go with this one have it checked out mechanically and structurally (frame, hog troughs, signs of crash damage). There are always Avantis for sale, so I'd keep looking for one that hadn't been so cosmetically modified.
  4. Rewelding the spokes to the metal rim core requires a significant removal of the steering wheel plastic. Rebuilding/restoring and color matching the "wood grained" plastic is more difficult on the later style wheel than rebuilding the rim on an earlier Avanti. Good luck!
  5. Anyone looking for one today can click on this link: https://vwparts.aircooled.net/Do-Not-Lower-Windows-In-Excess-of-120-MPH-Sticker-p/120-mph-sticker.htm A bargain at $2.95.
  6. Although the Avanti rear glass was known to blow out, Studebaker revised the trim securing the rear window and all was good. I remember seeing those stickers at checkout counters in auto parts stores. They could be added to any car, even those incapable of getting close to 120 MPH.
  7. psdenno

    Stu-v R3

    Seeing that STU-V catalog brings back some memories. Back in the 1970s, I bought a pair of stock steel wheels from STU-V to replace the mags that came on the front of my Avanti when I bought it. The Studebaker wheels came with tires mounted and a condition of the sale was I had to give the tires back after I had my new tires mounted. That was because the wheels and tires had come from an Avanti that the Granatellis had run on the salt flats.
  8. It's a very nice dealer item to have and prices have gone up quite a bit in recent years. I had the opportunity to have Tom Kellogg sign mine.
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