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  1. Pictures in Bob Johnstone’s Avanti registry show my 83 with a moonroof, but somewhere along the line it was removed, possibly by previous owner Mike Valent of Florida. He has passed and I haven’t been able to find any history on the car, but whoever did the work did a very good job. I think Nostalgic still has roof skins available, but then there is the headliner to contend with. Mike
  2. Here’s an article in a recent Avanti Magazine. Mike https://www.nostalgicmotorcars.net/uploads/1/2/4/8/124888690/nostalgic_cooloff_v2_aoai203__1_.pdf
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    I had the same problem, ended up up wiring in resistors on each side. Lights are brighter but probably draws more than just having incandescents. Mike
  4. I’m 6’5 (or I used to be before I had both knees replaced). To get in my 83 with Ricarros I put my butt in first, then roll my legs in. Once in, plenty of leg room for me. Is there a club near Raleigh where Jeff could go check some out? Mike
  5. Thom, did you get the info I emailed? Mike
  6. Ok Thom, give me a little time, I have a couple days of cutting hay but I’ll try and get them scanned for you. Mike
  7. Steve Maybe we will see you and your car in Harrington next May, fun show. Good luck with the car, quite a history. Thanks for the story, Parklife! Mike
  8. I think there is more to it than that simple diagram. There is a magnet and sensor that goes on the driveline to provide data to the computer for speed and distance. I’d be happy to scan the manuals and email them. Might help a little. Mike
  9. I got this system from JC Penneys back in the late 70’s. Never installed it. Different manufacturer probably but the operation is probably the same.
  10. Did you try Google for an owner’s manual?
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