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  1. I have a spare 140mph speedo if you need one but I'm sure you could source one closer. pb
  2. Fyi If your Avanti is an early r2 then it came with a 140 speedometer. Peter
  3. Fair enough, if you get stuck I should have one but I'm sure you could get one in the US. Talk to Larry Shier, his details are on the studebakerswap site. pb
  4. I would assume you could get one off a new rag joint. pb
  5. If you can't find one I have one but I'm in Australia. Easy enough to post though. peter
  6. I like it. It looks in good condition. Congratulations. pb
  7. England Ps In Western Australia there has long been the story of the Mystery Avanti. Supposedly it came into Fremantle port at the time and seen around the suburbs but it's sighting could never be confirmed by a Club member.
  8. Some time ago I got the differential on my Avanti rebuilt . As part of that process they lost the clutch tag that goes on the outer cover bolt. Just wondering if all diffs had the same clutch packs and therefore the same tag number or where they different? Mine from memory was either 45B or 45C, I can't exactly remember . Were there any other variants ie 45A and is it useful to know what clutch packs were used? Thanks for you input. Peter
  9. I believe there has been one done recently by a New Zealand member
  10. I thought there was a bolt/ threaded rod on the bottom of the expansion tank that tightened onto that bracket. pb
  11. Wasn't there an early Avanti produced with a Saginaw steering box? I thought Brad Bez had worked on the car. Maybe it was a different steering box but it certainly wasn't a Ross. pb
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