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  1. From memory both should face inward or downward and hug the bellhousing.
  2. I have in the past with no problems. Peter
  3. Any competent locksmith can make keys to suit your barrels with or without the key numbers.
  4. Any photos of the dash ?
  5. Don't forget the radiator saddle first.
  6. Have you tried adjusting the strikers?
  7. I'm going off memory here but isn't there a small tab that needs to be depressed for the lock to work ? Closing the door depresses the tab and allows the lock to be actuated. It can wear after time of constant opening and closing. I haven't got a lock infront of me but look around the mechanism for a small tab. From memory it carves a groove in the latch/catch on the door pillar. Once the groove is too deep the tab doesn't get pushed in far enough and the lock won't work. Clear as mud?? Pb
  8. 1963r2


    Love the subject gentleman. Could I pose some questions but understand l'm no way knowledgeable as those before me who have posted and I'm not sure of timelines and locations etc. These are just some thoughts that crossed my mind. Could the car have been sent to the Granatelli's for the purpose of fitting another (brand x) engine? "Off the record" We know that ultimately studes had chev engines? Was the Avanti to continue? We know they were made in Canada right😊. Where was the larger capacity stude engine development at this stage ? Has anyone checked the Lamberti papers (not sure if my spelling is right)? Thanks and I will duck for cover now. Pb
  9. It takes a bit of time but it's not a hard job. Check the bottom of the roll bar while you are there. Sometimes they are rusted out as well.
  10. Two, The normal one and the Hurst shifter? Pb
  11. Stop it shorting out on the dash metal crossbar.
  12. Not really but I would like to go again. I did go to the South Bend meet in 2007. Ed I would have liked to have bought a Packer share last issue but they don't offer it to internationals except Canadians if I remember correctly.
  13. Well I do plan on watching the Packers at Lambeau field one day. Hopefully soon before Aaron retires. I would love to have a chat and look at your cars. Pb
  14. Sorry it's not twisted, it is just the angle I took the photo on. I actually got sent the photo, and a few others by Andy G after conversing with him about our National meet in Perth years ago. I kept some photos and we actioned the rest at the meet. Pb
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