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  1. I thought one of the quad light designs was very nice. The others looked average.
  2. It doesn't let as much water in ?
  3. 1963r2

    R3 Sales!!

    I thought they where returned to Paxton Products. pb
  4. It would be used on the cabin side.
  5. Well if it helps I don't think it was 4,5,6,7 or 9. A guess would be true.
  6. Sherwood died Pb
  7. Thanks for the reply's. Body colour it is. pb
  8. While we are talking about the blacked out grill area of the Avanti I thought I would ask this question. Is the headlight area on a 63 Avanti ie behind the front glass/plastic covers body colour or black? I have later 63 body I'm working on which was white however the headlight area was painted black. Any thoughts? pb
  9. My guess is the fuel tank. pb
  10. Yes it looks like it was there from the factory. Have a good New Year as well. pb
  11. Budd ? I think but don't quote me. I have heard that name used before when talking about studebaker frames. Personally I thought Stude would have made there own. pb
  12. Looks like you already have one installed . You now have a spare I guess. The brace is that section that runs from the bottom of the inner fender towards the top of the fender ie vertical . In your photo it is above the hole in the chassis heading upwards. I see why you were having problems trying to fit it. Have fun. Peter
  13. Yes it does fit in the wheel well. The foot part ( flat section where the right angle is ) goes under the battery tray area and you sort of push it around a bit until it sort of fits the best somewhere around the middle of the battery box. In your photo the brace is upside down so roll it over and place the rhs of the brace under the battery box. It won't fit perfectly and you do have to use a little bit of licence when installing it. It needs to be riveted in place with some adhesive inbetween the brace and the inner fender. I hope that helps or someone will post a photo. pb
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