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  1. 1963r2


    No problem. R1499 signing off.
  2. 1963r2


    You should be able to unwind the screws to take the latch off. If not then the screws are stripped or frozen in place. From memory the 3 screws attach to a threaded plate behind the fiberglass. The plate has a little play in it so you can move the latch around for adjustment. Pb
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm doing some body repair in prep for painting. I'm starting at the trunk and was wondering if there is a secret to getting the right height and gaps on the trunk lid? I guess I need to know what areas to look out for ie do the top corners of the lid need to be flush with the body and should I set it up with the boot seal taped in place etc etc. Thanks Peter
  4. 1963r2

    Avanti Event!

    My guess The receiving of MFG assembled bodies, and back glass falling through opening. Peter
  5. Thanks for the photo, that's the filter. I see Hawk and lark listed, surely Stude being frugal they would have used the same filter on all. Thanks Peter
  6. Avanti bonnet points downward.
  7. Looking for the filter that goes in the heater blower assembly. On the SI site they have filters for a Hawk or Lark, are they the same part for the Avanti ? Thanks Peter
  8. I find myself in the position of having to get front and rear bumpers as the chromer I left them with has disappeared. Which vendor have people been getting the repo bumpers from ? Peter
  9. I tend to agree. It wasn't a factory combo, I'm just stuck with this combo. My initial plan was to do a black interior so I ordered a black dash, but over the years I changed my mind. Sounds like I need to dye the dash. I might practice on the roll cage cover first. Pb
  10. Does anyone have an Avanti with a black dash and turquoise interior? I want to see what it looks like before I go to the trouble of dyeing the dash turquoise. Any photos would be appreciated. Thanks Peter
  11. Quotes from the Lamberti paper. Fascinating reading bought to you by Richard Quinn. On Thursday, we started the drip moldings 100%. The Service Department has been notified that they can get some of the new stock. We will use up the other stock, but we will have some scrap on it. Mr. Minkel feels the drip molding is a service matter. You can’t open the door in the rain without getting soaked – also, the water runs into the car. He said the cost is $2.50 plus handling, or about $5 total. With 2,600 units out, our exposure would be $5 each, or $13,000. Installation could run from $11 to $16, depending on the local rate – it is a 2-hour job. Mr. Minkel thinks the general opinion of the public and the dealer organization is that this was a styling boo boo – probably on everybody’s part – and he strongly urged that we give the customer the drip moldings and let him pay for putting them on. If the dealers have to charge the customer, they won’t call him to ask him to come in; consequently all the cars wouldn’t be done. Mr. Minkel asked the opinion of the members of the group, if any of them felt strongly that we should not do this. These were the comments: have experienced more complaints on that issue than on anything else except the small mirror – feel it would be worth the money; agree with Lew, people in town have mentioned it; believe the customer would feel 2 hours’ labor was enough; the thing should have been on the car in the first place. It was mentioned that Mr. Egbert was of the opinion that we should get money for it. The fact that it was not included on the car to start with was the result of a decision – not an oversight. Mr. Minkel will discuss it with Mr. Egbert. Peter
  12. They were a late retrofit on 63 Avanti's onward because of the issue you described. I'm sure you would be able to get a secondhand set and fit them yourself. Pb
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