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  1. mfg

    Starting Avanti!

    And true is also correct (Sorry folks, I really should have the word "all" instead of "an" in this question...my intention was for the answer to be FALSE)
  2. mfg

    Starting Avanti!

    False is correct...in many cases, however, there is a caveat!
  3. That may be Gary (?)......however, we're looking for another answer here.
  4. Good answer!.....(false)
  5. The serial number of an original "R" type Studebaker Avanti starting motor will have the letter prefix "MDU".........True?
  6. So what's so special about Avanti ll serial number RQB-1686?
  7. All Bendix/Dunlop disc brake caliper piston outer housings originally had a "Bendix" medallion affixed to them...however, it usually fell off after a few thousand miles......True?
  8. I noticed that the radiator surround area (under bumper) on the first production Studebaker Avanti (63R1001) was left the body color during restoration (Avanti White)......In my humble opinion, that is how it should be....however, I've read that there was an internal Studebaker memo that specified the grill area should be painted black, and outlined how to go about accomplishing same. Does anyone out there in the Avanti world know more about this "internal memo"?
  9. mfg

    Avanti Flywheel!

    Good guess..CORRECT! (and thank you!)
  10. Wishing Avanti fans everywhere a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
  11. A Studebaker Avanti standard shift flywheel weighs approx .......?..... lbs. 1) 24......2) 35......3) 42....or....4) 56
  12. mfg

    Avanti Bodies!

    Good thoughts, however, Avantis were not assembled on the second floor of building 48A (Actually, the second floor was used for Studebaker truck production)
  13. mfg

    Avanti Bodies!

    Any thoughts on this one?
  14. mfg

    Avanti 63R4301!

    I'm not currently a member of SDC, however, it is my intention to rejoin when and if Clark Novak is replaced as administrator of the SDC Forum. Gary, you do not necessarily have to own an Avanti to become a member of AOAI...Since you are on this forum frequently and seem to enjoy it, why not support the club?
  15. Yes, that has been reported several times....Do you suppose the Granatellis revealed to the purchaser he was buying an R3 short block with R2 heads?.....Or possibly they reworked stock R2 heads so they 'flowed' more like the real McCoy??
  16. mfg

    Avanti 63R4301!

    R4301 is indeed a FACTORY radio delete Avanti...This fact has been researched by Mr. Booth of Nostalgic Motor Cars...He wrote a four page article about this Avanti, which can be found in the Spring/Summer 2021 AVANTI MAGAZINE. (You really should join the AOAI Gary, and then you'd have this information!)......Mr. Booth's copy of the factory inspection report clearly indicates R4301 was built without a radio.
  17. mfg

    Avanti Display!

    No, it wasn't three....However you were correct in including Chicago & LA....New York wasn't on list! Any other thoughts here?
  18. I only knew that from the nice article (with many photos) about this car in the Summer/Fall 2018 AVANTI MAGAZINE
  19. Good observation...and Deluxe is CORRECT!
  20. Interesting photo, never seen it before!.........however, Regal is not correct.
  21. After Studebaker Avanti body building was established in South Bend, Avanti bodies were assembled on the......?..... floor of building 48A. 1) First.....2) Second.......3) Third....or....4) Fourth
  22. The first production Studebaker Avanti, 63R1001, has a ......?..... orange vinyl (& fawn) interior. 1) Regal.....2) Deluxe
  23. In 2002, Avanti Motors planned to display show cars in ......?..... major auto shows around the country. 1) Three.......2) Four......3) Five....or.....4) Six
  24. mfg

    Avanti 63R4301!

    Thank you for posting R4301's P.O. Bob....the lack of '63' in serial makes sense (Good call Dwight!) I'm going to play Sherlock Holmes here and suggest that the "Questionable thin paint at left fender above tail lite" is a buffed through 'spot' paint repair applied to this already painted Avanti after the Studebaker body shop filled in a previously drilled antenna hole.
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