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  1. Hey! That was my Avanti. I'm still working on getting pictures of it. Mine is 1400 which was finished October, 1962 so yours must be a September car.


  2. Hi Ed!

    You had some interesting R3 trivia questions. I was wondering if you know of a "complete" source of R3 knowledge you could recommend? I've heard that the heads used on R3's were originally developed for an undeveloped 340 CU V-8 engine. Any truth to that? I guess I'm hoping someone has already pulled this information together somewhere. 

    Any thoughts?


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    2. mfg


      Hmmm.....R3 engine block....that's certainly interesting!....Do you mean you have a Stude engine block that was prepped by the Granatellis at Paxton...or is it a short block that Dave T. converted to R3 specs??

      Consider writing up a short story on what you have, and posting it on the Avanti Forum....Best regards,  Ed

    3. Mark63Avanti


      The car I bought was sold as an R3 short engine block, but I don't know how short it is. It came with R3 exhaust headers and an ill fitting re-pop aluminum intake manifold. The fellow I bought it from reworked the heads (see AOAI Winter/Spring 1992 No. 79 "Install Roller Rockers on Your Stude V-8") including porting/polishing and fitting in R3 equivalent stainless Chevy valves. The pistons used were not a normal Studebaker size and if you and everyone on this board can keep a secret, the engine is over-bored to 305. The engine block was cast in 1963 and the pad that would carry a number is...... blank.

      Bob Munter is getting my car drivable again. It will still need work but don't they all need some maintenance? The best pictures that are available are on "Bob's Studebaker Resource" under 63R1400 in the serialized Avanti log. The car should be back to me sometime this spring when I will absolutely need to "put some miles on it".

    4. mfg


      WOW!...I hope to look that baby over at a future meet....Your Avanti is in great hands....Best of luck with it!....Ed:)

  3. I live in Massachusetts and above ground home heating oil tanks are 12 gauge steel by code. If the answer is not 18 gauge I've got to go with 20. Can't be 25 or 30, just can't be!
  4. Thanks for responding to my question about the frame manufacturer. I thought I came across something about "Armor Guard" and the frames. I have Avanti 63R1400 and was wondering if that was early enough to have been assembled by Midland. If so, how would I identify it?

    1. mfg


      Hi Mark, my own '63 is #1379...built very near your #1400....In my humble opinion, both these Studebaker Avantis were assembled on Budd built frames...Be well,  Ed

    2. Mark63Avanti


      I'm hoping 2022 is the year my Avanti is back from the shop. After that, I'll be cruising around Natick.

  5. I was wondering if someone knew off the top of the head who supplied Studebaker with their Avanti frames?
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