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  1. Thanks to all - more comments welcome!
  2. The AT in my new-to-me '63 R2 is sick - suspect a rebuild is needed. What's availability of parts for a rebuild?
  3. I've got the same issue...inconvenient to get into car now - will look for further posts on this. Thanks.
  4. Thank you and no thank you, Gunslinger - I seek original. Why? ...because.
  5. Looking for - how would one say? - a "Driver Quality" Studebaker jack and jack handle. ...hope to never need them but one never knows!! Thanks, BillyBob
  6. Have you tried Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors?
  7. OK - got it on check valve. ??...how is NAPA p/n NBB5473603 for direct replacement ??
  8. Looking for power brake booster check valve. Parts manual indicates p/n: 1156983. Source, please. While I'm in the neighborhood, where to go for a rebuild of the power brake booster? Thanks.
  9. Thanks - why didn't I think to look in the workshop manual???
  10. A while back I saw a descriptive for removing the dash panel - as I recall, with experience, it mentioned needing about 45 minutes to remove it. Who might have a description for removal of a 1963 R1 with a/c instrument (dash) panel? Many thanks, Bill
  11. Tom, many thanks - I appreciate your sharing the experience, Bill.
  12. I'm looking at adding disc brakes on the rear of my 1963 R1, standard shift. What to watch for?
  13. It is my understanding that 1963 R1s with a/c had seven blade engine fans and were painted orange, some call it "Chevrolet orange". What says the forum? Is there a paint code? Further, non-a/c cars had five blade engine fans and were painted black. And, the forum says...
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