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  1. See following link to register for AOAI 2024 Detroit host hotel: https://www.hilton.com/en/attend-my-event/dttlies-xao-5fe53cdd-ef5c-40fe-9f57-f37061f7c48c/ Please see attached file to register for AOAI 2024 Detroit International Convention. Of interest: Yes, it IS true - there's more to see and do in Detroit than attending the AOAI convention. Come early, stay late - the AOAI host hotel rates are good for up to two days before our convention and two days after our convention. Need a list? Greenfield Village Henry Ford Museum Dearborn Truck Plant Ford Piquette Plant (home of Studebaker manufacturing from 1911-1933) Motown Museum Stahl's Automotive Museum Nostalgic Motor Cars (Dan Booth) Roush Collection Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Factory One - Birthplace of GM (Flint, MI) Gilmore Museum (Hickory Corners, MI) Preston Tucker Home (Ypsilanti, MI) Packard Proving Grounds....and lots more!!! Look for details in Avanti Magazine, issue 204!
  2. Hi. I've been here before - can't find post/answer: What mfg & p/n & source for condenser for alternator. Many thanks, Bill
  3. Looking to replace my spark plug wires - fire damage. Thoughts on sourcing, please. Thanks.
  4. Thanks to all - more comments welcome!
  5. The AT in my new-to-me '63 R2 is sick - suspect a rebuild is needed. What's availability of parts for a rebuild?
  6. I've got the same issue...inconvenient to get into car now - will look for further posts on this. Thanks.
  7. Thank you and no thank you, Gunslinger - I seek original. Why? ...because.
  8. Looking for - how would one say? - a "Driver Quality" Studebaker jack and jack handle. ...hope to never need them but one never knows!! Thanks, BillyBob
  9. Have you tried Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors?
  10. OK - got it on check valve. ??...how is NAPA p/n NBB5473603 for direct replacement ??
  11. Looking for power brake booster check valve. Parts manual indicates p/n: 1156983. Source, please. While I'm in the neighborhood, where to go for a rebuild of the power brake booster? Thanks.
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