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  1. The air comes in from the vent(s) at the top of the cowl. At each side vent, there is a door that is controlled by the cable. Check to be sure the doors are opening and closing correctly.
  2. Amy idea how thick the rotors are?
  3. The context of this thread is distributor rotation.
  4. Mopar use chains and also have CCW rotation.
  5. Rotor turns CCW, so turning the distributor CCW should retard.
  6. I believe that 80 Avanti rotors are the same as earlier.
  7. The specified minimum thickness for Avanti rotors is .330". Hopefully, these are better than that.
  8. FWIW, the rotors are swaged to the hubs, not bolted. Studebaker International, Nostalgic, and others likely have rotors with hubs attached.
  9. Just curious, where did you find them? I purchased some bronze repops from Dan Booth, but they still need to be chromed.
  10. When buying the Hurst, make sure you get the shift rods for REAR mounting on the transmission. That should be kit 373 3157. You may need to fab a shift handle to fit in the existing opening. I have heard that some just cutoff the Hurst handle and weld the stock handle in its place.
  11. The Hurst is a much better shifter if you can find one. If you want to stay original, I have a spare Stude shifter. The stock ones were never great. There were 2 redesign according to parts manual. FWIW. I have heard that the Stude shifters are essentially the same Ansen as used in Corvettes and other cars of the era.
  12. You need to get the final production order from the Stude museum. The born report may not be the final configuration. For example, the final production order for R5408 added TT and rear seat belts. R4551 also has the annotation "99 Tag Las Vegas Driveaway". The authenticity manual has a photo of the event on page L-307.
  13. Contact TCP Global. They have formulas for the paint and you can get in enamel. Lacquer or urethane single coat or bc/cc.
  14. R3 and R4 had Howard's rods with floating pins and forged pistons.
  15. I suppose George Krem could be wrong.
  16. No problem. When you make unverified statements, I will continue to correct. In this thread, you state that 3/8" is correct. That was my first answer. After I corrected it to point out that 3/16" is the factory spacer and posted the copy of the parts manual, you decided that 1/2" was correct as well. Then you gave a Part number 1560480 for the 1/2" spacer. I stated that 1560480 is not listed in the parts manual. Your justification is that SI lists it. Even if we accept your reinterpretation of the question, the complete answer is that 3/16", 3/8" and 1/2" spring spacers were available from Studebaker. 3/8" and 1/2" are specified service only meaning they were not installed at the factory.
  17. Your words, not mine. You really hate to be wrong, don't you. I really don't care, as everyone is entitled to their opinion. The problem I have is when people state "facts" without verification as you are prone to do.
  18. Just trying to keep everything accurate, do you have documentation that any Studebaker Avanti left the factory with other than the 3/16" spacer?
  19. So, you believe SI over the parts manual. I hardly call that accurate documentation. You have documentation that states that Studebaker installed SIs part at the factory?
  20. 1560480 is not listed in the Studebaker Avanti parts manual! The parts manual clearly states that 3/8" (part number 1560409) and 1/2" (part number 1560408) are service only. That indicates that they were not factory installed. FWIW, later Avantis used an aluminum spacer approximately 1/2" thick. I do not know when they changed, but my 78 is so equipped.
  21. Just measured one of my spare spacers. It is approx 3/16".
  22. Just checked Parts manual. The correct answer is none of the above. The factory spacer (for A/C cars) is 3/16". 3/8 and 1/2 were service only.
  23. I believe they are 3/8" as they are not 1/2 or larger. That would be for factory. There were other sizes available.
  24. AFAIK, the street address is current. I recently ordered and received some serial number plate decals.
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