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  1. Just checked my 64 Avanti with power steering. Lock to lock is just over 3.5 turns. So, that spec is correct. I do not have a manual box to compare to.
  2. FWIW, if the turn to turn is incorrect, then the ratios of 16:1 for power steering and 22:1 for manual must be incorrect as well since the math works for the published values of turn to turn and ratios. P.S. I do know that the ratios are slightly variable depending on how close you are to the high spot.
  3. Just for posterity sake, will you post the bulletin? I have been collecting most pubs relating to Avanti and I do not have that one.
  4. According to production data, 91 63 Avanti R1 had 4spd and A/C.
  5. You disagree with shop manual?
  6. According to shop manual, power steering is 3.5 and manual is 5, so 3)1 1/2 would be correct.
  7. Found the Turning Wheels June 1992 article. Unfortunately, it does the same comparison as the production data I have. No new info there.
  8. Paul, can you summarize the Turning Wheels article for us? That should be another good source.
  9. Dwight, I agree we cannot compare R1 3spd with R2 4spd in order to answer this question. That is why I made post #3. I pointed out that we must take into account the weight difference between the two transmissions. Thanks to Bob's posting, we know that Studebaker deemed the T10 to weigh 5 lbs less than T86. So the correct answer is 50 lbs based on the available data.
  10. Hard to believe that T10 is 5lb less than T 86. Also that V8 auto is only 21 lbs heavier. In any case, I don't want you argue with documentation. That being the case, the difference between R1 and R2 "all things being equal" is 50 lbs.
  11. Once again, the 55 lbs is the difference between the base R1 with 3spd and base R2 with 4spd. This can be verified by looking at the production data published in a book available from the Studebaker museum. As far as I know, there is no source that specifies that 55 lbs is the difference between equally configured R1 and R2. If Ed, or any one has a source for this, it should be posted so this question can be answered correctly. FWIW, I was not reading anything into the question. The first answer was 55 lbs. I responded to that stating that that difference was incorrect based on the premise that the production data compares R1 with 3spd to R2 with 4spd. In other words, "all things NOT being equal". Ed, please provide the source for your answer. Dwight, if I made a statement in the papers I published without any corroborating evidence ...
  12. Perhaps Ed is willing to share the source of the weight difference between the R1 and R2 "all things being equal".
  13. It became part of the discussion because the base R1 was being compared to the base R2 for a weight difference of 55 lbs according to the production data. The 55 lbs was deemed correct. I pointed out that this cannot be the case since "all things are not equal"
  14. You really are a piece of work. If you don't like the answer, re-interpret the question. The problem I have with all this is that you are promulgating misinformation. We already have enough of that. You are trying to imply that the SN60 and associated braketry adds 55 lbs. This is only true if T86 and T10 weigh the same. Perhaps Bob is willing to share his source.
  15. On the SDC forum, someone has a couple of newer door shells for $200 that are stronger in that area. Will deliver to Reedsville or South Bend. Seems like a bargain to me.
  16. I have seen where a steel reinforcement plate was fabricated. I have a couple of doors so equipped. I will post pictures in the morning
  17. Ok, so using your definition, your question implied that both the R1 and R2 were exactly configured. As far as the shipping weights go, that is not true. The R1 had T86 as standard and R2 had T10. Therefore, assuming there is a difference in weight between the two transmissions, 55 lbs cannot be true.
  18. I guess I must have failed English. Doesn't equal mean the same and similar mean having characteristics in common, but maybe not the same?
  19. Is not equal a stronger description than similar?
  20. Bob may be referring to the Richmond Super T10, which has an aluminum case. Internet sources indicate that the Richmond transmission weighs 70 lbs. Otherwise, we may be comparing T86 O/D.
  21. How is similarly equipped different from "all else being equal". Just for the record, which of the following do you disagree with: T86 is standard on R1. T10 is standard on R2. Shipping weight for R1 is 3195 lbs. Shipping weight for R2 is 3250 lbs. It is unlikely that T86 weighs the same as T10. (FWIW, internet sources indicate that T86 weighs 75 lbs and T10 weighs about 100 lbs. I have been unable to independently verify these weights.)
  22. So, what is the verdict? Do you finally agree that a 55 lb difference is incorrect?
  23. Not confusing the issue. You stated similary equipped. The 55 lb difference cited from the production data clearly compares std R1 (3 spd) with std R2 (4 spd). So, unless the T86 and T10 are the same weight, 55 lbs is not the correct answer to your question.
  24. The 55 pounds is comparing R1 equipped with T86 and R2 equipped with T10. I seriously doubt both transmissions weigh the same. Therefore, the difference is less than 55 lbs!
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