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  1. This is a follow up to the 'Electrical Plug Location' posting a few weeks back. I was trying to locate the connector plug which feeds the dome lights and trunk light; this plug is located above the steering column not far from the firewall. On the Avantis using the Studebaker wiring harness, you can use a toggle switch, a 12 volt relay and a bit of wire, to have the dome lights turn on/off automatically with the door opening/closing or turned on manually if, for example, the doors are closed. Further, if you wanted to keep the door(s) open for an extended period, the toggle switch can be se
  2. The plug is located directly above the steering column. The above is basically correct but the grounding of the relay is by #37G which feeds into the plug. I spliced into #36 on the 'downstream' side of the plug and into #37G on the upstream side of the plug. (#37G is grounded through the door switches and feeds into the plug but not out.) Both #36 and #37G can be spliced into with not much more effort than many other things under the dash. The switch, as noted above, is a double throw switch with AUTO-OFF-ON positions. This allows the feed to the dome lights to be controlled by the
  3. I originally posted this on the '65-'83 section below. On the Studebaker and early II Avanti's, there is an (eight conductor) electrical plug which is drawn just below the 'Courtesy Lamp' which feeds the dome lamps, trunk lamp, gas tank sender unit, etc. Does anyone know where this plug is located? Thanks!
  4. Thanks, Wayne. I emailed Bill, who kindly answered, but he did not remember any specifics of where the plug is. Briefly, what I'm looking at is having a relay coil fed by #36 (hot) on the 'down' side of the plug with the ground fed by #37K or #47G from the courtesy lamp. This relay will control the feed onward for #36 which, with the dome switches on, will cause the dome lights to come on whenever the door is opened or the courtesy lamp is manually turned on with the courtesy light switch. (The only other feed from #36 on the down side of the plug is the trunk lamp.) If I carry it through
  5. On the wiring diagram for the Studebaker and early II Avantis, an (eight conductor) electrical plug is depicted which feeds the dome lights, trunk light, tail lights, gas tank sender unit and license plate light. This plug has connections for wire #'s 37G, 29, 47F, etc., and is drawn just beneath the 'Courtesy Lamp' drawing. Does anyone know where this plug is located? Thanks!
  6. If your car was up on blocks for 27 years, your tires may be more than 27 years old and, as per above, I definitely would not drive on them. Not sure about Europe, or at least your location, but in the U.S. anyway, you can tell the age of a tire by a code on the sidewall. On the outside of the sidewall which normally is installed toward the car (i.e., if you crawl under the car, you can see the code) you'll see a block with four numbers. These numbers indicate the week and year of manufacture. 2798 - 27th week of 1998; 0417 - 4th week of 2017, etc.
  7. My '66 has the 3.07 and with the original B/W taching about 3150 at 70mph, the engine roar was mind numbing. (I was an audiologist; maybe I have better hearing than Rudy.) I now have the 700R4 and I could not be happier. Much less noise, less wear on the engine and better gas mileage. First gear is a bit low but that transmission was built for a much heavier car. Shifting from first is at a bit high rpm but, again, that gearing would handle a much heavier car. Adjustment may tweak some of that out but I've not tried yet. Other than that, it works great and I'm very happy I made the inv
  8. Check with Al Basile who lives in your area. He is on the BoD of AOAI; you can get his contact info there.
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