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  1. Mel

    Dash removal

    The service manual has a write-up on how to remove the dash. If you have access to the earlier AOAI magazines, available on CD-ROM, Issue #82 has a write-up on page 38 regarding how to get it down in "15 minutes." Seems too good to be true but apparently he could do it. Be sure to label everything. If you take it down, you can use the opportunity to: check the defroster hoses and replace if needed as they may be dry-rotted, check and pressure test the heater core, change the instrument lights as they are a pure pain to change with everything in place, change the radio if you need, etc. Good luck.
  2. It will require a bit more work but I'd recommend putting in a fuel shut off valve. I put in a 12 volt solenoid controlled valve which is wired from the ignition switch and is mounted underneath the car on the panel running down from the tank shelf. (You could mount it under the hood before the fuel pump if you wanted and this would probably be easier. I ran the wiring when I had the interior partially out.) This shuts off the gas from the tank whenever the ignition is off. The tank sits high in these cars and even a sticking float valve can lead to disaster. I wrote up the procedure and parts I used in AOAI magazine, issue 170, page 47. The article is also on Bob Johnstone's website. (From the opening page, select 'Tech Help' on the left side, scroll down to 'Avanti + Avanti II, then down just a bit to a circuit diagram.) Hope this helps.
  3. While you have the seat and seat back out, you can line that area with sound absorbing material -- J.C. Whitney, among others, sells it. The fiberglass does not dampen sound and the sound dampening material really helps with the noise level.
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