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  1. Paul K and others, can you describe the materials and process in wet sanding ?
  2. My son and I bought this Avanti about 4 years ago. The original purchaser had it until he died in about 2017. He thought so much about his Avanti and Golden Hawk that they were mentioned in his obituary. Original, paint, carpets, seats, and engine, save for some hoses and filters etc. We finally get to enjoy it together this August as he's been in India and London for the past 7 years. Bozeman , Montana will celebrate Cruiz'n on Main Street with about 6 blocks in downtown blocked off for showing old cars. [img]https://i.imgur.com/FXmuW9M.png[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/Z36yoDA.png[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/drXZyD2.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/GqV2yjN.png[/img] Maybe a better way to post pictures.
  3. Same engine compartment pics, too ?
  4. This fall, when my son with mechanical aptitude came to visit from London, we worked on odds and ends on our 1963/64 Avanti R1 . One of the items we addressed was a non working gas gauge. After testing grounds, etc. it was determined that the culprit must be the sending unit. After removing the rear seat and back, we removed the rear panel exposing the gas tank. From there, we removed the sending unit and found the cork float functioned properly, so we put the unit in an ultrasonic cleaner for the evening . After drying the unit the next day, electrical checks indicated it now functioned properly and putting it back into place confirmed our repair to be good. It's really nice to have a working gas gauge. I guess the above just leads up to my thought in the Title. With the seat back removed we could see the "holes in the deck" that have been previously talked about. One in the center near the tank is a 2" diameter hole with no apparent function. Lowe's had a huge supply of I guess rubber bottle stops that were slightly tapered. We used a 2 1/16" diameter stop to plug the 2" hole, sealing it in place with a clear silicone. The other two holes were 1/2" diameter and located in line with the brackets that extend out of the underside of the seat back. They obviously were aligned to fasten the seat back brackets to the floor. but in this car, there had never been any fasteners , so the back just rested on the rear of the seat cushion. This seems to work fine and we plugged each hole with a bottle stopper of the correct size. Do any of you have a description or pictures of the hardware used in the original Avanti to fasten the seat back brackets to the floor? This is getting long winded, I know, so apologies. When we reinstalled the rear panel we used some sticky backed weather stripping foam to seal off the interior from the gas tank area. When all was reassembled and hole plugs and weather stripping were in place, we took a ride. What a difference ! Previous rides would let us smell some exhaust , but now NO EXHAUST smell. It was worth the effort.
  5. Avanti 83, thanks. I had not considered just sliding a couple of clips to the end of the chrome strip. I see in the pictures above that there are 10-12 clips for each strip. Someday, in the spring when my unheated barn is warm, I'll try to remove the door panel and check it out. I have electric windows which work fine, but are really sluggish in cold weather. I have thought of lubricating the mechanism to make the window work easier, so that would be a perfect time. I really enjoy the help and information on this Forum.
  6. Avanti 83, can you show the fasteners that you used to attach the lower horizontal chrome strip ? I have one end that is slightly loose, but don't want to use a screw to reattach it.
  7. Fuel gauge did not register. Electrical checking pointed to a bad tank sender. Float was ok, so I put the sender in an ultrasonic cleaner. After a very hot water washing out, and a blow dry with compressed air, the sender worked fine. Obvious crud came off in the ultrasonic.
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