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  1. I always wondered why the Avanti Shop Manual never had any details on the Air Conditioning systems for Studebaker Avanti's. Found on ebay a 16 x 17 single sheet that I was able to fit on to a 8 1/2 x 11 format. I had to reduce their size to post here. Hope you find it useful and add them to you official shop manual. The final two pages are from the parts manual.
  2. I also got a couple of new gas tanks from SI and attached are the instructions that were sent with them. Hope this is helpful.
  3. Brad, Where is your shop located?
  4. Shrock Brothers do a fantastic repair on an Avanti (and other Studes) steering wheels. I've been using one for 4 years with no problems. http://www.shrockbrothers.com/steering_wheels.html
  5. I hope this can help you out. I found this on Ebay years ago and could not purchase it fast enough. Just a heads up this is a 63 - 64 Harness. Notice the blue going into the wiper switch and a second blue going out to the harness. The blue wire I am pinching is from the foot pedal switch. I hope this helps. That harness has saved me many times and it included the power window option.
  6. NO MYSTERY WORTH 100X the price. If you want to know how many 64 Avanti's (or 63's) with Gold exterior Claret interior Tilt wheel PW 4 Speeds were ever made, you can read thru the charts and see the exact number of probably every factory options and selections that were available. Even R3 and R4 ! (Sorry no R4's were sold.) The work the went into this was monumental. All Production Orders.
  7. If you have seen the movie Ford vs Ferrari, you probably noticed a number of Studebakers in the film. While watching the extras on the Blue Ray version I happened to see this in one of the scenes that never made it to the movie. Well, at least they were thinking about us!
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