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  1. Update: My cable just separated for the 4th time. I am so done with these pieces of junk! There has to be a better way.
  2. Great info Thanks! I have done pretty much what you have done at this point. The only thing I did not do was bending the clamp at the shifter to lesson the bind at park. I will look into that and see if I can make that adjustment too.
  3. Thanks for the info Jim. Glad to know I'm not alone in this issue. I'll look forward to hearing how your new cable works. I just did some searching and it appears the shifter is a mid 80's Camaro/Firebird shifter. And the cable for that is 29" which would be a bit long for the Avanti. It also has a stud instead of a loop at the transmission end.
  4. I have gone through 3 shifter cables in a month! They pull apart at the ferules when going into Park. I was left stranded in Phoenix, AZ last week on a cross country road trip. I had to take the car to a repair shop since I did not have my own tools and a jack! The guys at the shop noticed the bracket that holds the cable on the transmission was set too far back. So they cut and welded it so it was forward about an inch. It goes into Park OK, but not first! I can live with that, but I like things right if I can manage. Does anyone know what vehicle and year the shifter they used came out of? Mine does not even have a gear indicator or a light, so one has to put it in gear by feel. I was sleeping and my wife drove 150 miles in third gear! $3.75 a gallon for gas, ouch!
  5. As far as I can see, there's no fuel filter on my 87. There is solid fuel line from the tank to the pump and from the pump to the carburetor. Apparently, someone took it out or it never had one. Can someone tell me where they placed it if it in fact had one? Thanks.
  6. Between the heater hoses coming out the firewall, the intake manifold and the cruise control stuff, there's few areas to move it.
  7. I need to replace the 2 A/C hoses from the compressor and the top condenser to evaporator hose on my 87. Monte Carlo hoses do not look like the same hoses. Does anyone know of a direct fit application that works? The system has been converted to R134.
  8. My 87 has small hose that runs from a tee in the heater hose on the driver's side of the engine. It connects to a nipple in the intake manifold under the distributer. I installed an new distributer with the internal coil and this connection interferes with the vacuum advance. Is this hose necessary? I would like to remove it if I can, but I don't know it's purpose. Thanks.
  9. The shifter cable went out on my 87 convertible. I bought a new cable for the Monte Carlo and it fits. However mine had the now discontinued steel barrel on the transmission end. The new one does not and is not a perfect fit. I can select Park, R, N, Drive, and 2. But it won't go as far as "1". The old cable did not as well. There just does not seem to be enough travel. I looked up images for the 86-88 Monte Carlos floor shifter and they do not resemble mine at all. And there's no place to mount the indicator light as well. Perhaps I have a different shifter in Mine? Nothing would surprise me with this car!
  10. LOL, Thanks Jim, but I think I will pass.
  11. I am unaware of any previous work. There were two previous owners. There are cracks on top of the front fenders above both wheel wells. I suspect it may have had a hit at one time.
  12. Thank-you. I found the vent window adjustments you spoke of. The top one was frozen and I could not turn it at all. The bottom one was too, however I was able to grab the disc part with vise grips and break it free. In the end, I could not move it in enough to make a difference. Also as you can see by the attached photos, the door is way out from the body. There are no shims where the hinges attach to the door. So I don't know how I could possibly bring it in. As you can see, the top of the vent is about an inch out from the windshield pillar and the bottom is about a quarter inch out. It looks awful and I had to put a thick piece of rubber over the existing rubber just to seal out the wind! Did these cars actually leave the factory this bad? jamesstanton064@gmail.com
  13. Thank-you for the information. Since my car is on the 87 Monte Carlo G chassis, is the original Avanti shop manual still worth getting? I know Studebaker cars inside and out, but there is not much Stude left in this car!
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