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  1. I was leaning towards trying Weldwood. Thanks for the tips all!
  2. I tried 3M trim and adhesive and my insulator fell off as soon as the underhood temperatures rose. Then I tried Gorilla glue spray adhesive and again first hot day and after driving for an hour the insulator fell off again. I need something that will hold the insulator in place in these extreme temperatures.
  3. Thank-you Bob, no hurry. BTW, My 87 has no pressure switch anywhere. I've followed all the freon hoses and there is no switch anywhere in the system.
  4. I believe I once saw that the master was from a Ford, but I cannot remember the year and model.
  5. I downloaded the wiring diagram for the 87 Avanti. It covers everything except the HVAC system. Since the system was Chrysler and not Monte Carlo I need to see how it was wired. My AC clutch is not engaging all of a sudden. The clutch works it you jump it. There is no pressure switch in the system as well. Then fan comes on, but not the clutch when you push the AC buttons. Does anyone have a correct diagram?
  6. I need the escutcheons for my 87 door latches with the GM latch assemblies. Anyone know what they were sourced from or, have a pair to sell me?
  7. I have my evaporator core out for repair and your photos of the HVAC box are a BIG help thank you.  One question pertaining to the blend door to the left of the evaporator core.  My actuator was missing and I found a replacement. When vacuum is applied and the actuator pulls, which position should the blend door be in? Should it close the top opening above the heator core, or close the opening when air flows under the heater core.  I not sure which way to mount the acutator as the old one has been long gone.  Thanks!

    1. wdaly


      Boy - let me rack my brain on this (I don't have the car anymore).  Firstly, the blend door actuator is actually controlled manually (as I recall) from the position of the lever that slides from cool to hot on the HVAC control panel.  You should be able to figure out which way is which - for instance when moving the lever towards cool check to see which way the end of the control cable (that attaches to the actuator) moves.

      I hope I understood the problem.

    2. wdaly


      You know I recall that the heater control cable was also attached to the back of the HVAC control to manually move when the temp lever was moved from hot to cold and this also had the blend door cable attached so they moved together.  I forgot about that since long ago I had removed the original heater control broken cable totally and installed a separate control for that using a simple choke-type cable.

    3. Jim S

      Jim S

      That makes sense.  But I wonder how they attached two cables to that control panel?  I like the choke cable idea if I can find a way to mount it so it looks decent.  Thanks for you help! This car has been a all out nightmare to deal with.

  8. I'm trying to replace the evaporter coil in my 87. But I cannot find what Chrysler model the HVAC box was sourced from. Any ideas?
  9. My proble is, the piece that actually holds the glass and glides back and forth horizontally (as the mechanisim moves up and down) was replaced with a homemade piece that jams and cause the vertical slides to jump the tracks. So I need a regulator that has all the original parts intact.
  10. I finally settled on using a universal flex hose. A 1 1/2" by 24" worked well. It just clears the AC compressor pulley and doesn't kink or hit the hood.
  11. My 87 has a dual track regulator for the rear window. And many have said it's from an 86-95 Chrysler Lebaron convertible. So I found one from an online used parts company after searching for almost two years. To my dissapointment, when it arrived it was not like the one in my car. It is a single track with smaller glass as well. So I Googled some images for 87-95 Chrysler LeBaron convertible quarter window regulator. All the images I have found show the single track one I received. So what the heck was used in my car? I need confirmation. Or, was the single track regulator used in other years? The pictures below show what I have on the left, and what was sent to me and apparently by all info found is from and 88 Lebaron convetible on the right. Please help!
  12. What application is used for the upper radiator hose on an 87? A Monte Carlo SS hose does not fit. Does anyone know what was used. I can't even find a universal flex hose that reaches. This car is going up for sale real soon! I has to be the worst one they ever made!
  13. I need to replace my radiator in my 87. Is it the same as the Monte Carlos or sourced from something else?
  14. Thanks Jim I looked on the Steele catalog and chatted with someone and they could not help me.
  15. Hello again, Does anyone know what fits the convertible top door seal? It's three pieces. I would imagine it's from a Chrysler LeBaron convertile, however I cannot locate that OEM prt anywhere.
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