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Avanti R-5051


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58 minutes ago, r1lark said:

What is special about Avanti R-5051?

This question is not related to equipment or options on the car.

I do not see or recall anything about this S/N.  That will not stop me from making a stab at the answer.  Is this the first 1964 Avanti with the charger/booster battery warning label factory affixed (the early 1964s did not have it)?  

I may be far afield with this stab.  Perhaps it is ownership, like Loewy. 

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On ‎2‎/‎10‎/‎2018 at 4:58 PM, Regnalbob said:

One owner.

You got 1/2 of it Regnalbob! R-5051 was purchased new by Bob Caser, and he still owns it.

The other half of the answer I don't think anyone but Bob Caser would get, so here it is. This Avanti was delivered new to my family's Studebaker dealership (Warta Motors) in Merrick Long Island NY. The car was then transferred (sold) to Bendix Motors in Fairview NJ and immediately sold to Bob. I have the Dealer-to-Dealer transfer for this car from October 25, 1963.

The other Avantis delivered to Warta Motors were:

 63R-1645 (R1 engine)

63R-2170 (R2 engine)

63R-3018 (R1 engine)

If anyone knows the whereabouts of the other three, I would love to hear about it.


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Well I saw the question and it peaked my curiosity. Yes I do have R5051 since October, 26, 1963. It has 39,000 miles on it and has received Pebble Beach restoration over 25 years ago. Gary Johnson, John Meyer, Ed Reynolds and John Metzger were contributors to the restoration. Tom Kellogg and I became friends and he drove me to do the restoration with his desire to show a Avanti at Pebble. The car has no fluids in it and has  had everything rebuilt or replaced with NOS parts. Someday it will make the show circuit here in California.

Thank you, Bob Caser

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Back in the mid 80's Gary Johnson had R 1002 and the experimental last VIN number cars in storage for a customer. I offered to buy R1001 and thought we had a deal. I had a complete NOS interior for the car and many other parts to do a restoration. We could never complete the sale with the then owner even though he was arrears in storage fees. As is known he donated the car to the LeMay Museum and it is being restored there.

R1002 Dave Kinney's car, restored by Gary Johnson,  has been shown at Amelia Island a premier show and it one best of show there.

My car R5051 is a over restored fit and finish and will make it out soon, I owe it to Kellogg and others.

Bob Caser

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