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  1. Yes and no. 1963s started with 63R and then went to R, followed by four digits plus an A or B for some California cars. 1965 to some 1970s started with RQA and some 1970s to some 1985s started with RQB (followed by four numbers). I won't go into the even later years.
  2. ISTR that the 17 number/letter VIN first became a requirement in the USA for the 1981 model year.
  3. I am ranked in the fourth category (out of 14), Explorer I believe, and I have over 2K posts.
  4. Please note: "Will replace the original valve with minor modification."
  5. I agree. I show 1974s as going to RQB 2175 (Skip's is RQB 2127).
  6. That is the heater control valve. They are $90 new. Depending on the problem, it may be able to be repaired/rebuilt.
  7. I believe that noise reduction and hood paint protection are the benefits.
  8. I purchased 1987 Avanti S/N ---006 new. I am surprised that ---084 is still a South Bend car. They may not have all been built in order then, but if they were, that would indicate that more 1987s were South Bend cars than Youngstown cars.
  9. I believe that there were 166 of all body styles (coupe, convertible, LSC). I would guess that the majority were Youngstown.
  10. It is odd that you mention/reference the 1800. I have a friend that has a 1972 1800 that she purchased new.
  11. Not necessarily. Some are driven on dealer plates, transporter plates, etc.
  12. Primarily check for rust on the torque boxes and frame. Unless I have purchased the car new, I do not go by what the odometer says. I believe that non-stock color/paint hurts the value by 10%-20%.
  13. In the USA, many older cars, particularly show cars, are not registered for regular use. The lack of rust probably speaks more of where the car resided than how many years it was used.
  14. I believe that the early Avanti IIs used the calendar year for the model year. Now, automakers can use anything after Jan. 1 of the previous calendar year for a model year.
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