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  1. @RoyG Roy, please check your Message Inbox, sent you a reply. Thanks, Paul
  2. OK, without dragging a wheel out and weighing it...........I'll say #3, 21 pounds.
  3. From the rear cover side.............you can't see the tag from the input end.
  4. In 2001 the difference was $6K, so I'll say #1, $8500.
  5. r1lark

    Avanti Power!

    IIRC the 2001 Avanti used a 5.7L LS1 as installed in the Camaro/Firebird. The ratings I found for the 2001 Camaro/Firebird LS1 were 310 hp (the Firebird apparently had an optional engine 325 hp. So.............. I'll guess #3, 325 hp.
  6. I'll have to do something I rarely do -- disagree with Gary. The ratio tag is at the 7:00 position (#4).
  7. r1lark

    Oily Avanti!

    True, but they also stated that multi-viscosity oils were an acceptable alternate.
  8. I thought it was every fuel stop........... check oil level and cooling system level (although they must not have watched the film about not opening the radiator cap on a hot engine!).
  9. Yes! To blow carbon out of the cylinder that was knocked off the plug when it was loosened. After operating for a few seconds, then shut the engine off and remove the plugs. How many of you follow this factory recommendation?
  10. I have not owned an Avanti, but have several R-series powered Larks & Hawks. All of them have a fuel return line that comes off the fuel filter and goes back to a nipple attached to the fuel tank. I always thought that at least the Studebaker Avanti's had these also, if not also the early Avanti II.
  11. This one I had on eBay sold for $35, I'm sure to some Corvette guy. Don't think I would have paid that much for a 50 year old fuel filter, but was glad it sold.
  12. Listed this on eBay to see if the Corvette guys would bite, doubt if there are many late '60s/early '70s Avanti II's being restored to the level that they would want a NOS fuel filter. fuel filter on eBay
  13. Here you go Ed. It was used on at least '68 & '69 Corvettes, probably other hi-po GM engines. Note the return port.
  14. Was that Roy Hecker's car, with a supercharger? Seems like it was maybe the last 1979 Avanti II but not sure.
  15. Thanks Bruce for the insight......and reminder. I once overheard someone use the following related to where various parts on an Avanti II came from and when they were used: The only thing you can be sure about is that you cannot be sure.
  16. Question -- For what years did the Avanti II use the AC GF-432 fuel filter (Avanti p/n 1700379)? I have a 1970 parts list that shows this filter, but wondering what other years it was used. Anyone know?
  17. I'll have to try that the next time I tear an engine down Ed. Thanks for describing the trick!
  18. Hmmm..........I missed this question. I believe there are 14 load springs in a Avanti-era SN-60.
  19. r1lark

    Avanti Part!

    Front motor mount insulator. I always wondered if the "60" was the durometer measurement of the hardness of the rubber............anyone know?
  20. I always spin the pushrod several times without lifting up on it, then spin some more and slowly lift up. If it feels heavy, STOP and let it down, then spin the pushrod some more, and repeat. I'm sure there are other ways though.
  21. That sounds like way too much, so I'll say FALSE.
  22. Shoot, you got me again Ed! Guess I just wasn't detailed enough this time. Looked at the parts manual wrong...........yes, originally they WERE different, then the R2 changed to the same p/n as the R1. I had mentioned somewhere recently that I can't scan something quickly any more and be sure I'm correct - this is a good example of that. Just getting older.
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