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  1. r1lark

    R3 Lark!

    Based on the low serial number of this car, 64V1078, I'll say TRUE.
  2. Seems like a tricky one here Ed. The pulleys were different between the R2 and R3. The alternators themselves, except for the pulleys, appear to be the same. But since the pulleys were different, that means the alternator assembly (alternator and pulley) were different, so I'll say FALSE.
  3. r1lark

    R3 Change!

    I'm going to take a stab and say they added 'something' to keep the headliner from falling down at high speeds with the windows open.
  4. Logical Gary, but I think had hoped it was because Andy liked the look! ☺️ At least, I would like to think that was how some things got decided in the old days, before there were committees for everything.
  5. The results for the 1965 Yankee 300 do show Dick finishing in 10th place: https://www.thethirdturn.com/wiki/1965_Yankee_300
  6. Hmm........I'll say pre-production paint scheme. Here is a color pic of one of them. the car later sold to (and roundy-round raced by) Dick Passwater:
  7. I'm not sure how high Dick Passwater's Hawk ran during the race, but he finished 31st in that race, not 10th. Finishing results here: https://www.thethirdturn.com/wiki/1964_Yankee_300 Here are some pics of Dick's car:
  8. r1lark

    Free Avanti!

    Possibly may have been some type of severance pay for a former Studebaker employee; it's rumored that Studebaker occasionally did this. By the way Ed, we have missed you!
  9. Hi, got a line on a '78 Avanti II that is being parted out. Couple of questions, since I haven't gotten any pics of it: 1) Did the Avanti still have standard Studebaker-style traction bars in '78? Seller says it's a Dana 44 with 3.73:1 ratio, but guy says it doesn't have posi/twin traction which surprised me. 2) Did the '78 Avanti still use the 'original' Studebaker-style steering column & steering wheel, or was it a GM or AMC tilt column with integral ignition switch? Thanks for any help folks!
  10. @RoyG Roy, please check your Message Inbox, sent you a reply. Thanks, Paul
  11. OK, without dragging a wheel out and weighing it...........I'll say #3, 21 pounds.
  12. From the rear cover side.............you can't see the tag from the input end.
  13. In 2001 the difference was $6K, so I'll say #1, $8500.
  14. r1lark

    Avanti Power!

    IIRC the 2001 Avanti used a 5.7L LS1 as installed in the Camaro/Firebird. The ratings I found for the 2001 Camaro/Firebird LS1 were 310 hp (the Firebird apparently had an optional engine 325 hp. So.............. I'll guess #3, 325 hp.
  15. I'll have to do something I rarely do -- disagree with Gary. The ratio tag is at the 7:00 position (#4).
  16. r1lark

    Oily Avanti!

    True, but they also stated that multi-viscosity oils were an acceptable alternate.
  17. I thought it was every fuel stop........... check oil level and cooling system level (although they must not have watched the film about not opening the radiator cap on a hot engine!).
  18. Yes! To blow carbon out of the cylinder that was knocked off the plug when it was loosened. After operating for a few seconds, then shut the engine off and remove the plugs. How many of you follow this factory recommendation?
  19. I have not owned an Avanti, but have several R-series powered Larks & Hawks. All of them have a fuel return line that comes off the fuel filter and goes back to a nipple attached to the fuel tank. I always thought that at least the Studebaker Avanti's had these also, if not also the early Avanti II.
  20. This one I had on eBay sold for $35, I'm sure to some Corvette guy. Don't think I would have paid that much for a 50 year old fuel filter, but was glad it sold.
  21. Listed this on eBay to see if the Corvette guys would bite, doubt if there are many late '60s/early '70s Avanti II's being restored to the level that they would want a NOS fuel filter. fuel filter on eBay
  22. Here you go Ed. It was used on at least '68 & '69 Corvettes, probably other hi-po GM engines. Note the return port.
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