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  1. Just this afternoon I communicated with a friend that bought a new, white P1800 and still has it. She has only owned new Volvos starting with a 1959 PV544 Sport. The 1800 is the only previous one that she kept. I have known her since the 1950s.
  2. Cover part of the radiator.
  3. Avanti Parts Corp. purchased SASCO Parts Inventory - but I thought that it was 6/18/72.
  4. Studebaker introduced the Super Lark and Super Hawk at the NY Auto Show.
  5. First Avanti produced in Youngstown.
  6. Even though I do not believe that AOAI was founded there, the "first chapter" may have been in DC because there were a lot of early Avanti people there.
  7. I will say 1) 1936, even though I believe 1939
  8. My memory is weak on this. I will say 3,
  9. I believe that a complete set of carpeting is 14 pieces. I think that is what you are looking for, but the question only refers to trunk carpeting (not all, including trunk carpeting).
  10. Sufficient to unlatch the latch, so I will say that 10 would do it.
  11. Without looking it up, I am thinking either 600 or 800. I will say $800.
  12. Like with cars, it usually means "priceless".
  13. I do not have experience with it, but also would not recommend it.
  14. I know that I have seen pictures of the shipments, but I can not recall them. I will now say 12, assuming that they were stacked and horizontal.
  15. I do not remember where the "break" was, so I will say 63RQ3270.
  16. They were probably stacked on end, so I will say nine.
  17. Because the Hawk has flat glass and the Avanti has curved glass.
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