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  1. Without looking it up, I am thinking either 600 or 800. I will say $800.
  2. I do not have experience with it, but also would not recommend it.
  3. I know that I have seen pictures of the shipments, but I can not recall them. I will now say 12, assuming that they were stacked and horizontal.
  4. I do not remember where the "break" was, so I will say 63RQ3270.
  5. They were probably stacked on end, so I will say nine.
  6. Because the Hawk has flat glass and the Avanti has curved glass.
  7. I guess that it really is "obscure".
  8. I will say Tom, because he is the one that took a later look at theAvanti design.
  9. Without looking into it, I will give the requested "thought". I seem to remember that one wasn't, so I will say false.
  10. I believe that the air filter was flash coated and the rocker arm covers were chrome plated.
  11. Hopefully, you do not have some moisture/water trapped in the system.
  12. I am going to say False. Without looking it up, ISTR that one was.
  13. Sorry, no I do not know the S/N. I just remember some odd details like the sun visors and that he had the dealer install new door rubber every year. The Avanti was delivered new at Sallico & DiNapoli, Beacon, NY (maybe DiNapoli & Sallico - Ben & Joe to me). The doctor had multiple cars. I bought his 1963 Dodge Custom 880 hardtop. The Avanti and a Jeepster were the only cars that he kept for a long time.
  14. Dr. Slocum, Beacon, NY had this front and side installation done on his new 1963 Avanti. It was still that way when the car was sold at auction a few years ago. I have lost track of it.
  15. Dwight - I believe that the incorrect tire size and profile exasperates the problem/appearance.
  16. My understanding is that the market that they were aiming for preferred the body to be level, so they made it that way. Besides unshimming, you need to reopen the wheel wells.
  17. studegary

    R3 Option!

    That answer does not cover it. At that time many/most Studebakers, including Avantis were built for stock, not ordered.
  18. Not from decades ago and thousands of other cars since.
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