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  1. On 7/29/2022 at 6:38 PM, regnalbob said:



    The battery cables on my Avanti are the factory installed originals.

    The ground cable is 17 inches long.

    The reproduction ground cable from Endurance Built Products is 17 inches long.

    A 17 inch long cable will not reach the block off plate.


    21 hours ago, brad said:

    It's the positive cable that's 17" long. the correct ground cable that reaches the oil filler block off plate bolt is a longer cable. Endurance Built products makes BOTH cables. 

    A 17 inch long positive cable will not reach the starter solenoid.

    You need to check the Endurance Built Product website for the correct length of the 2 positive cables available.

  2. On 7/20/2022 at 12:11 PM, brad said:

    The correct cables are available from Studebaker vendors. Endurance Built Products had them reproduced in the correct lengths. The attachment point is the oil filler block off plate at the front of the lifter valley. 


    On 7/21/2022 at 5:00 PM, regnalbob said:

    The 17 inch ground cable is attached to the water manifold bolt below the bolt that holds the bracket for the reservoir tank.



    On 7/27/2022 at 11:48 PM, brad said:


    Not according to the authenticity manual.

    The battery cables on my Avanti are the factory installed originals.

    The ground cable is 17 inches long.

    The reproduction ground cable from Endurance Built Products is 17 inches long.

    A 17 inch long cable will not reach the block off plate.

  3. 4 hours ago, BillyBob said:

    The 1963 Avanti Workshop Manual specifies an SAE 6 fuse for the brake lamps.  I'm not doing well on a conversion.

    Could AWG-6 be an acceptable substitute?


    SFE 6 replaces the SAE 6.


    20 hours ago, Andrew Maszczak said:

    Hi all.

    My choke housing has issues where the vacuum line attaches and can't get a good seal.  AFB - 3726s.  Does anyone know if there is an easy replacement part out there somewhere. 

    That is not a vacuum line.

    The line provides warm air to the choke from the exhaust cross-over passage in the intake manifold.




  5. 7 hours ago, silverstude said:

    ....regarding the rationale about appending either an "A" or a "B" to new car (Avanti) registrations in California, in 1962.   Does anyone recall this discussion?  Thx

    In Avanti Magazine Issue 195, page 8, John Hull included a letter from L.E.Minkel about the letter "A" used in the Avanti serial number.

    Bob Langer

  6. Sad news from Bob Andrews.

    Today, 10:44 AM
    A little late getting here with the update. Sadly, I have to report that Gary passed away last Sunday, June 19, 2022, at age 82. Gary had been in a battle with what started as bladder cancer several months ago. As sometimes happens, the cancer was stopped. In March, he went into renal failure. When they did surgery, they found that the cancer was back and had spread to his kidneys, and other areas. They were able to restore function to one kidney. At that point he was not very mobile. For the last two months or so, he has been bedridden but in a very nice rehab facility in Fishkill New York.

    Gary and I were working on a joint business venture at the time. We were in fairly frequent contact. Then I did not hear from him for a few weeks, and my messages and calls went unanswered. On April 2 he sent me an email and told me where he was and what had happened. At the time he decided it was best not to make a big deal out of it, but he did give me permission to speak on his behalf here on the forum. Over the last couple months, we talked on the phone frequently. While his physical health deteriorated, his mind stayed sharp . I think that a lot of people do not know not only how intelligent he was, but the amount of experience he had in the automotive world, including operating two different gas stations. We all know about his love for Studebakers. We had many good talks at length about the gas station business back in the day, and how the car business used to be.

    The last time I spoke with him was last week. He sounded tired, but seemed to be doing all right. He had just started on a new, expensive medication regimen that insurance would not approve and he was going to pay out of his pocket. I tried to call him a few times over the weekend, finally getting an answer from someone that was not Gary. Fearing the worst, and knowing where he had made his final arrangements, I checked the funeral parlor website and sure enough, his obituary was there. I’ll post that on the appropriate page.

    So, I guess that’s it. Gary’s wife had passed away last year, and he had no children, just (I believe) a couple of nieces and a nephew scattered about. His legacy will be his brilliance, and his dedication to the Automotive world. Not many know that Gary had helped people within this club, sometimes monetarily, with varying levels of appreciation from those individuals. That’s too bad. I always knew Gary as a serious person, kind of a stickler for details, soft-spoken and shy, but a good friend if you took the time to get to know him. I’m glad I did.

    Rest in peace, my friend. You will not be forgotten. And while our business venture was not meant to be, I will take with me your approval and belief in me. I know that now you are well, and back with Cathy and your folks, and I look forward to meeting up with you again when I get there. God bless.
    Last edited by Bob Andrews; Today, 12:35 PM. Reason: Fixed a couple of typos. Gary would have wanted that :)
  7. An update from Bob Andrews.

    Today, 06:33 PM

    Update 6/4/22-
    Just got off the phone with Gary. There’s not a whole lot of change to report. At this point he is no longer able to get out of bed. His voice is a little weak, but his mind is still clear. We did talk some about his treatments and so forth. At this point he has so many doctors and specialists looking after him it’s hard for anybody to keep track of them all. As usual we spend our time talking about old cars, and old times. That is the bright side of the situation.

    Nothing much more to do at this point other than wait and see what effect the various treatments and medications have.

  8. Thanks for all the nice comments.

    2 hours ago, bob caser said:

    Wow !! Beautiful car, has it been repainted ?

    Bob Caser


    The car was  repainted in 1966. It had pin head size bubbles in the paint and an area on the roof that would not hold a gloss.

    If I remember correctly you have owned your Avanti longer than I have.

    Bob Langer


  9. This month marks my 57th year of Avanti ownership.

    Purchased in 1965 just a month shy of my 20th birthday.

    Only driven 9000 miles and less than 29000 miles today. Never driven in snow.

    Sold my 1964 R2 Daytona convertible to buy the Avanti.







  10. Here is an article by Richard Quinn about Bob Doehler.

    Note that while Bob's Avanti is referred to as a 1964 the serial number R4561 indicates it was built in June 1963.

    However, it appears from the photo that it does have square headlight enclosures and the right side hood support.

    It had left over Fawn leather from the upholstery department.




  11. 26 minutes ago, mfg said:

    Avanti Trivia Players...........I apologize for the back-and-forth I've been having for quite some time with regnalbob......I am now going to permanently block him. (yes, I did that before, then relented and un-blocked him...but I've really 'had it' with the guy.

    Let regnalbob harp/pester someone else! (Hopefully he wont)

    Let the pity party begin.

    Not really a bad thing for me.

    Blocking is the Forum version of sticking your head in the sand.

  12. 1 hour ago, wdaly said:

    Thanks for keeping us posted.  He is in my prayers.


    31 minutes ago, pantera928 said:

    Thanks for the update

    The real thanks goes to Bob Andrews for posting updates on the SDC Forum.

  13. 14 minutes ago, mfg said:

    Seems like Bob has his panties in a twist again...and...as usual...he's 'most likely' incorrect!

    My answer (MENU) came from an interview of Otis Romine, a key player in the early development of the Studebaker Avanti, when he sat down with Mr. Loren Pennington, a (then) professor of history at Emporia State University. (This interview took place in 1972)

    I'm not taking anything away from Richard Langworth......I enjoyed many of his articles in the old "AUTOMOBILE QUARTERLY" publication. However, there were issues later on that I wont get into here...but anyone interested can look up Mr. Langworth's biography.

    No, good old regnalbob is once again trying his best to irritate me......he should know by now that I laugh at him!;)

    Just saving before you edit out the snide remarks.

  14. Thanks again to Bob Andrews.

    Yesterday, 06:40 AM
    Just got off the phone with Gary. We chatted for a while. He seems to be holding his own. I felt like he sounded a little better than last time I talked to him. I told him that some of you were inquiring about him and he said to say thank you all but he wasn’t really up to posting right now. Besides, he didn’t feel like signing in because being in a facility he doesn’t have access to his reference materials if he needed them 🙂 A big day is this coming Monday when he has a scan coming up to get a clearer picture of his situation.

    I’m always trying to gauge how much or how little he might like to talk. I told him I would give him a call again next week, and invited him to call me anytime if he felt like it.
  15. On 4/24/2022 at 5:57 PM, mfg said:

    Sherwood Egbert's original 'concept ' drawing of a sports car, that would later become the Studebaker Avanti, was drawn on the back of a .....?.....

    1) Auto Magazine.....2) Notebook....3) Passenger Safety Manual.....or.....4) Menu

    None of the above.

     On 4/26/2022 at 2:48 PM, regnalbob said:
     Studebaker Proving Grounds 
    On 4/27/2022 at 10:35 AM, mfg said:

    So as not to spread inaccurate information...the correct name for that place was Studebaker Proving GROUND.

    mfg should heed his own advice.

    From Studebaker: The Post War Years by Richard M. Langworth.


  16. 17 hours ago, mfg said:


    Desert Driver..the answer you gave is exactly correct..The call was made to avoid a confrontation at the Proving Ground entrance......

    Pay no attention to regnalbob....he goes out of his way to pick my trivia questions apart...... A very sad character!

    Edited 50 minutes ago by mfg

    Here's my answer to you Bob.....YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!


    You cant answer my question so you think it is a good idea to belittle me. 

    Forum members don't need you to tell them what to do.

    My question did not involve the phone call.

    Your question, the reply from Desert Driver and you agreeing with Desert Driver do not answer my question.

    Again, are you saying this pre production Avanti was assembled at MFG in Ashtabula and transported to the Studebaker Proving Ground for track testing?


  17.   4 hours ago, regnalbob said:

    Thank you for that information. I stand corrected.

    WOW!....regnalbob admitting he was wrong....I NEVER thought we'd hear that from him!!;)

    Edited 50 minutes ago by mfg
    spell check

    Instead of the comments you could just answer my original question.

    Are you saying this pre production Avanti was assembled at MFG in Ashtabula and transported to the Studebaker Proving Grounds for testing?

  18. 3 hours ago, mfg said:

    So as not to spread inaccurate information...the correct name for that place was Studebaker Proving GROUND.

    Thank you for that information. I stand corrected.

    In the meantime can you answer my question about all the inaccurate information you are spreading?

    23 hours ago, regnalbob said:

    Are you saying this pre production Avanti was assembled at MFG in Ashtabula and transported to the Studebaker Proving Grounds for testing?


  19. On 4/24/2022 at 6:19 PM, mfg said:

    Before one of the first pre-production Studebaker Avantis arrived at the Studebaker Proving Ground for initial track testing, the truck hauling it halted, and a phone call was made back to Studebaker Corp in South Bend from a phone booth near Sturgis, Michigan....Why was this critical telephone call made?


    On 4/25/2022 at 12:52 PM, Desert Driver said:

    Another W.A.G.

    The transport was headed to South Bend from the MFG plant in Ashtabula. The driver heard about the labor dispute at South Bend that saw Sherwood Egbert go fisticuffs with a striker. Not wanting to be roughed up, the driver called HQ to arrange safe passage into the proving grounds.





    20 hours ago, mfg said:

    Well Desert Driver,     'YOU HIT THE NAIL RIGHT ON THE HEAD'!!!!:)..........WELL DONE!!

    Are you saying this pre production Avanti was assembled at MFG in Ashtabula and transported to the Studebaker Proving Grounds for testing?

  20. Thanks to Bob Andrews for the update posted yesterday on the SDC Forum.


    I spoke with him yesterday. Being honest, his prognosis is not great. He is taking it well, considering. He seems happy to hear from me, but I always caution him to not hesitate to end the call if he feels tired, or for any other reason. And if you know Gary, he will. I had thought about asking if he would want me to post contact info, but when you're that ill it can get overwhelming quickly. This is all part of life, but it still sucks. I just stay available for when he feels he needs me.

    He does try to e-mail status updates. Below is an excerpt from the latest one (some info redacted):

    It has only been two weeks since my last Status. Things are about the same. I can not walk. I am usually uncomfortable (abdomen, to differing degrees. I eat well - three meals a day. I sleep poorly.

    I am still waiting to get a new enhanced PET scan. I think that it is being held up by my insurance co. because I had one nine months ago. I have an idea what it will show, but I would like the scan. This will also lead to what treatment I may go on.

    I have had some welcome calls and visits. My niece, Cheryl, drove up from Florida and spent three days with me. We discussed a lot of things, including family history back to the Civil War.
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