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  1. The change was made at a body number and not a serial number.

    My Avanti is R4137 and body number RQ-2998. Built April, 1963

    R4341 has body number RQ-3011. Built May, 1963

    R4130 has a South Bend body, RQ-5190. Built April, 1963


  2. 2 hours ago, mfg said:

    I believe that the inner construction hood cross brace was eliminated on the '64 Studebaker Avanti (square light) models due to the R3 engine option (with air box) coming on line....?

    The hood brace was eliminated during the 1963 model year.

  3. Without some documentation there is no way to know for sure when it was placed in service as a demonstrator or when it was sold.

    It could have been placed in service in October or a later date.

    Studebaker paid some incentives to dealers at the end of the model year and this may one of them.


  4. On 10/30/2023 at 12:18 PM, DWR46 said:

    My Avanti Factory Invoice shows it was Invoiced to a San Diego, CA dealer on October 18, 1962. However, the invoice is also stamped in the lower center section "AVANTI DEMO" with a $200.00 notation and the date August 14, 1963. Can some of the Avanti historians tell me what this means. Obviously I would assume the dealer used the car as a demonstrator and possibly did not actually sell the car to a final customer until August 1963. Does the "$200.00" notation mean the factory reduced the final invoice amount by $200.00, but that was 10 months after the date of the invoice? Did the car come back to the factory for an "update" before being finally sold? Hopefully the experts on the forum can tell me how this process worked and what this all means.

    The $200.00 would be a credit to the dealer when the Avanti was put into service as a demonstrator.

    The Avanti could have been in stock for several months, however it would not qualify for the credit until the dealer registered it with Studebaker's Demonstrator Program.

    From Studebaker:

    " The retail purchaser of any vehicles previously used as a demonstrator is entitled to any mileage or time period remaining in the warranty, calculated from the date the vehicle was first placed in service as a demonstrator"




  5. 7 hours ago, Dan Williams said:

    I have a 1972 Avanti II RQB 1882 with round headlight trim as was used on 1963 production.  Was there an option to have round headlight trim in 1972 or 1973 when these cars were built?

    The round headlight was not listed as a regular production option. However, it may have been a special order.

    The build sheet might verify if it was factory installed. They are available from Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motor Cars, 248 349-4884

    Most likely it was installed by a previous owner.

  6. 3 hours ago, Leo B said:

    There has never been any glue in this trunk. I cleaned it up and painted the worn areas with matte black. I also cleaned and painted the antenna ground. Also new felt pieces. Since the wheel wrench is under the carpet, it cannot be under the glue. The drilled holes show no signs of anything being in them. The fabric is probably held in place with the spare tire cover. I will use some holes to install carpet fasteners and I cover the rest of the holes.
    This Avanti had carpet only on bottom area.

    BTW. I found original trunk tools.


    Those holes are not factory. The floor carpet had a vinyl strip attached to the edge and was glued to the edge of the spare tire well.

    The rest of the carpet was not glued.

    The carpet on the tire cover also had a vinyl strip and was stapled to the cover.


  7. 1 hour ago, Roland Trombley said:

    I'm inquiring to see if by chance anyone can connect ne with the current owner of my 64 Avanti ser# R5158.

    It was a red R1 with Motorwheels.

    I sold it to a gentleman Merle Jacobsen in Massachusetts in the summer of 2000.


    Can anyone offer any info?


    Thank you

    He was last listed in the 2009 Avanti Roster.

    Merle W. Jacobson

    36 Sunbrier Road

    Springfield, MA 1129

    From Google search.

    Merle W Jacobson resided in Cocoa, Florida. Merle died at the age of 80 years old and was born in May 1937 and died in June 2017.

    Associated Addresses

    36 Sunbrier Rd, Springfield, MA 0112936 Sunbrier Road, Springfield, MA 01129419 Montcalm St Apt 107, Chicopee, MA 010204814 Chicago St, Cocoa, FL 32927
  8. 1 hour ago, Rick Allen said:

    In the factory parts manual, on page 24 of the fuel section, there is a picture of the exploded fuel pump with a C 4024 number below it, don't know what the number represents, is it a Carter #?

    My fuel pump from my R2 has the number 0-1529 so I'm wondering if it is the correct pump for an R2 or a replacement somewhere along the way, I know the pumps for an R1 and R2  have different part numbers in the pats manual, don't want to order a rebuild kit if it is not the right fuel pump!,,,


    1529 is the correct Avanti fuel pump.

    All Avantis use the same repair kit.

    You will use all the parts shown except for one valve, gasket and spring.

    C 4024 has nothing to do with the fuel pump.

    If you look you will see a similar number on each plate page.

    As mentioned above that is not a diagram of an Avanti fuel pump, it is from earlier parts catalogs.

  9. goldhawk

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    Just need to know if there is a hidden nut up inside the trunk area where the antenna comes down. The top nut just keeps spinning and spinning, and only have about an 1/8" opening between the outer car body and the antenna base. Anybody know if there is a nut down under?


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    There is no nut inside the trunk.


    A factory Avanti antenna has no nut inside the trunk.

    Place a mirror on the trunk floor under the antenna and you can see if you have a nut.


  10. 20 hours ago, Ron Dame said:

    I see nothing in the Avanti repair manual on where the flaps are, the cable routing, etc.. Who can give me some guidance?


    Avanti Workshop Manual, Climatizer and Ventilating System section, pages 6&7.

    Avanti Parts Catalog, page 176.


  11. 11 minutes ago, 64studeavanti said:

    Don't disagree with special order ratios. Do disagree with statement that 4spd was only used with 3.07 ratio.

     NOS Studebaker T10, 4 speed transmission (1558219).

    According to the parts catalog the 4 speed with that part number is only used for the 3.07 axle.

  12. 1 hour ago, Rick Allen said:

    Yea, could be, surprising to me that Studebaker would put the lower compression heads on the non-supercharged Avanti engines unless they were just getting rid of inventory before they shut down the South Bend factory or was that an engine version that could be ordered on the Lark/Hawk?

    The low compression heads were an option on the R1 for 1964.

    According to the parts catalog the included 4 speed was only used with a 3.07 axle.

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