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  1. You have to remove the grille for the air intake opening.
  2. Some interesting comments from an interview Dennis LeRoy had with Dick Passwater in 1998 about the #5 Bonneville Hawk. The #4 and #5 Hawks were painted Avanti Maroon with painted white sport tops. Dick purchased the car to race in the USAC season. Dick contacted Studebaker that he had the car still painted with the Bonneville logos, except for having to change the number, and asked for some sponsorship. Being a native Hoosier, they could not turn him down. Studebaker sent him some cash and also some adapters for a dual caliper setup for the disc brakes. The car had an R2 in it when purchased and Dick’s shop made other race preparations to the car for the season. The rest of the ’64 season he raced the car on other NASCAR and dirt tracks. The ’65 season saw the R2, which was a little tired now, replaced by a Pontiac engine. He said,” we painted the Pontiac engine black and put the Stude valve covers over the Pontiac valve covers and the opposition never knew the difference. We cheated back then and sometimes we got caught, but most of the time we didn’t. At the end of the ’65 season, Dick sold the car to a racer in Texas and he heard that the man was killed in the car.
  3. That is a radio noise suppression capacitor. Studebaker # 1540354 Delco # 1963559 (obsolete) converts to Standard Motor Products RC1. Available from Rock Auto and other retailers.
  4. Template is not actual size. Actual size between dotted lines is 7 inches wide by 6.5 inches long.
  5. You need to have a Joomag account. Due to increased security online, you will need to log onto your free Joomag account after accessing new issue. If you do not have a Joomag account, simply click the "Full Version" link on the cover, then click the "Sign Up" link at the top of the pop up window to create a new "Newsstand" account to give you FREE access to the new issue.
  6. Walker, from the Avanti shop manual.
  7. Exclusive, hard to find Studebaker Avanti Parts Free Shipping! Enjoy FREE Domestic Shipping when your order totals over $299! GASKET, ROUND HEAD LAMP GLASS SEALS - PAIR $37.95 QUANTITY ADD TO CART P/N: EB 1350397 Gasket set for the round head lamp well glass cover. New rubber formulation provides the softness of the factory originals (30 durometer) so they conform uniformly with the metal fastening ring and body. The lip that extends to the body is designed, as the factory originals, to press against the surface giving a smooth, gap-free look. For the first time ever, the ends have been thermally fused (not glued!) and result in a permanent bond that will not separate over time. Comes as set of 2. Copyright © 2019 Endurance Built Products LLC - All Rights Reserved Retail - Wholesale - Design - Manufacturing
  8. You could try an adhesive mount stud on your tank. They are available form McMaster-Carr. 316 stainless steel studs have excellent resistance to chemicals and salt water and may be mildly magnetic. Large holes allow adhesive to flow through the base for a secure hold. If you are not concerned about authenticity you could replace your tank with a surge tank elimination kit available from Studebaker vendors.
  9. . The stud is not soldered to the tank. It is a weld stud. The bracket is slotted and can be adjusted at the block to raise it so the tank will rest on it. There should not be that much space between the bracket and tank.
  10. This is what you need on the bottom. Also the battery hold down and the power steering cover use wing nuts.
  11. Most auto parts should have FEL-PRO. I got this at ROCKAUTO.
  12. The answer was not intended to answer the trivia question. It was for Paul who said he could not find the answer in the parts catalog.
  13. Parts Catalog, page 141.
  14. If your car does not have AC just go by the photo that Brad posted showing the 195407 clip.
  15. I know your reference is to 2101-76 which is the 195407 clamp. You asked what the 526600X1 clip,lacer looked like and it is shown in the plate under 2101-168. It is not used with the 195407 clamp. There is no apparent typo as you believe and it is not a flat washer.
  16. Item 2101-168 is the clip and it is not used with the 195407 clamp. The clip is used like a modern cable tie to hold items in place, mostly under the dash. The 195407 clamp is available from vendors.
  17. It is the liner for the glove box and console.
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