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  1. 15 hours ago, jtheteacher said:

    I knew Avantis were temporarily built in Villa Rica, GA starting in '02 , but what about Morrow, GA as listed on the '07's tag

    From John Hull's book.

    The 2007 Avanti was off to a grand start.

    Avanti also established a U.S. headquarters and dealership in Morrow, Georgia, not far from its original Villa Rica location. Sales and marketing of the new Avanti in the U.S. would be handled here. At least 13 new vehicles were sold from this location.

  2. On 3/7/2024 at 9:52 AM, Footer said:
    Got an unsolicited email from some guy I don’t know. Looks like fake email addresses as they are different. Not sure how the guy got my email, but be aware if you get something like this.  Mike
     avantii63@outlook.com <avantii63@outlook.com>
    On Mar 6, 2024, at 12:33 PM, Don Haney <avanti63@juno.com> wrote:
    I need to get an Apple iTunes Gift Card for a friend of mine who is diagnosed with stage 4 mesothelioma cancer, it's her birthday but I can't do this now because I’m currently traveling for a business meeting and I'm unavailable over the phone, I am only here with my iPad. I tried purchasing it online but unfortunately, I got no luck on that. Wondering if you could help me take care of this by getting the gift cards at the store. and I'll reimburse you once I get back home. Please let me know so I can provide you the amount needed.
    Don Haney

    Don Haney is listed in the 2024/2025  Avanti Membership Roster and lives in Kent, WA and uses the juno.com e-mail address.


  3. On 3/2/2024 at 12:39 AM, aardvark said:

    So the first 3 were called the AVX's what is the name of the Production Models. Are they also considered AVX's?

    After '64' The Avanti II was introduced and thus called that. What is my '02' model referred to be?  Just an Avanti by Studebaker?

    1963 & 1964    Studebaker Avanti

    1965 thru 1983   Avanti II

    1984 thru 1991    Avanti

    2001 thru 2007   Avanti

    AVXs are not Avantis.

  4. 1 hour ago, 64studeavanti said:

    Sorry I was not clear. There have been some conflicting information about whether B body Mopar brake boosters are a replacement for the Stude ones. In the trivia section, it was stated that the "hemi" equipped cars used the same 8 3/4" brake booster.  This booster, like Avanti boosters, are hard to come by. In a later post on this forum, it was claimed that the readily available 8" Mopar booster works. Most of the posts on the Mopar forums indicate that the hemi boosters are not interchangeable with other mopars and versa visa.

    Just trying to find out if the readily available B body 8" Mopar boosters work on Avantis.

    Spoke with the owner of Power Brake X-Change in Pittsburgh and he said the Mopar boosters available are not a direct fit for Avantis.

  5. 1 hour ago, mfg said:

    Bob......do I need to block you again? If you're happier on the Studebaker Forum, by all means go there!



    You still didn't answer my question. I have to laugh when you threaten to block me. If it makes you happy block me.

    Yet another post you edited after crying about the SDC Forum & Studebaker Drivers Club.

  6. 9 hours ago, mfg said:

    As a side note..a Mopar friend of Mine's eyes popped out when he saw the factory brake booster on my '63 Avanti....It's exactly the same as the one Chrysler used on his '69 Dodge Daytona. which he thought was an extremely rare unit!

    They are not exactly the same.

    The Dodge is 8 inches in diameter,

    The Avanti is 8 3/4 inches in diameter.

  7. 11 hours ago, DON GURY said:

    Thank you for all your help.  Cannot find the color code anywhere.  Looks like the going to a paint supply house.

    This may help in your search.

    GM / General Motors Colonial Yellow / #eed69a Hex Color Code The hexadecimal color code #eed69a is a light shade of yellow. In the RGB color model #eed69a is comprised of 93.33% red, 83.92% green and 60.39% blue. In the HSL color space #eed69a has a hue of 43° (degrees), 71% saturation and 77% lightness.

  8. This problem was corrected in mid 1961 production for V8 engines.

    Studebaker used a smaller oil passage in the rocker arm shafts to restrict oil to the top end and a larger drain hole in the heads to get the oil back to the pan more quickly.

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