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  1. J-12Y crosses to NGK XR4 which is their equivalent.
  2. NGK plugs are the choice of many. I don't believe any of the old line American named spark plugs are anything more than a name today slapped on whatever is being churned out.
  3. Unless you're concerned with replicating the original type wires...I'd go with some high quality wires from Summit or Jeg's and trim them to fit. They're under the shields anyway.
  4. Check with Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors. The Studebaker parking brake setup parts are probably easier to source than the console mounted parts.
  5. Not knocking the Edelbrock camshafts in any way...much to offer as they're designed to work their own products....but you might look into Lunati Voodoo asymmetric camshafts...a bit on the pricey side but offer a great deal of power without the rough idles associated with higher lift cam profiles.
  6. On the '70 I owned I ran P215/70R15 tires on 15"x6" Magnum 500 rims.
  7. Adding an air deflector under the front end is a big help...it directs air up into the radiator that would otherwise be wasted plus the deflector helps move air around the bottom of the engine bay and bottom of the vehicle where it otherwise cause turbulence and aerodynamic drag. Of course while sitting still the deflector is of no help but at speed it drops the engine temps at least ten degrees in my experience. Before Saturn was discontinued by GM they had a deflector that was a very easy install and worked and looked great. Unfortunately I don't have the part number anymore. It attached to the underside of the radiator saddle right where it would do the most good.
  8. The ‘02 I had had b/u lights in the rear bumper. I’ve seen photos of a Villa Rica car with the lights in the trunk lid. My car was #20 or 22 depending on documentation. I think earlier cars received varying types of accent treatments. Mine had blacked out headlight buckets…I’ve seen at least one other with body color headlight buckets. Mine had chrome Avanti emblems…some apparently had black emblems.
  9. You don’t need to loosen the straps or tilt the engine. It’s a pretty straightforward R&R. If you don’t have a shop manual…get one. It has all the instructions you need. I’ve replaced fuel tank senders in a ‘63 and a ‘70…both identical installations. It’s hardest on your knees so get some kind of padding to kneel on.
  10. You might call Summit Racing’s Tech Line and discuss it with them. They’ll give you solid recommendations as to carburetor recommendations. Be prepared to provide all the specs of the engine you’re building…cam specs…expected horsepower, etc. You can also call the techs at Edelbrock…they’ll give you recommendations as well but will be promoting their products but the Performer carbs are modern updates of the Carter AFB Studebaker used…so there’s some DNA there plus it might be a better fit for the R3 air box.
  11. About ten years ago I stopped at Myer’s Studebaker in Ohio. Besides receiving wonderful treatment by the Myers there was a ‘70s era Avanti II in the shop being converted to the ‘63 style round headlights for a customer. I believe any Avanti II with the ‘63 front end treatment was done after leaving South Bend…either by customer preference or due to possible body damage. I doubt there were any factory round bezel headlight post-Studebaker Avantis until the 2000 era cars.
  12. It’s a moot point as Type A hasn’t been available for many years as it’s made from whale oil.
  13. Too many have listened to the other voice…”If it ain’t broken…fix it until it is.”
  14. Different type fluids will make for different transmission performance in a Borg-Warner transmission. While not an absolute statement…Type F will make for firmer shifts where Dexron will provide smoother shifts. Mercon blends can be different as well.
  15. First…is your transmission a Borg-Warner or GM Hydramatic? It could be either from that time period. If GM Dexron is called for..or whatever equates to that today. If a Borg-Warner…Type A Suffix A is no longer available and hasn’t been in a long time. Most will recommend Type F in its place or equivalent.
  16. Unless you're determined to have an original correct jack and wrench...you can go to Walmart or other parts store and buy a scissors jack and handle for far less money.
  17. That’s the same parking brake handle mechanism as for the C3 Corvette it was adapted from. Any shop techniques would “probably” be similar if not the same for repair. I say “probably” advisedly as Avanti Motors would adopt a part from another make and do what modifications necessary for the Avanti application.
  18. I would have a qualified rebuilder test it and rebuild it if necessary it before getting an assembly line rebuilder do it.
  19. Gunslinger


    Some LED bulbs are electrically directional…try reversing it in the socket and see if it works properly.
  20. I’m 6’3” and the Avanti has legroom to spare. The issue can be whether you have big thighs…it can be a pain sliding your right leg under the steering wheel.
  21. The last I had need to check…Studebaker International sells a complete king pin rebuild kit. The only thing not included is the labor involved to do it. I believe Studebaker International will want the old, rebuildable parts back so they can be put back in the food chain, so to speak.
  22. Maybe the factory oil drain plug was cross threaded and a second drain hole was drilled.
  23. Isn’t that the access hole to drain the torque converter?
  24. My wife and I watched The Nice Guys on Netflix…a 2016 movie with Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. It’s an action comedy…full disclosure…it has gratuitous nudity and violence. It takes place in 1977 and part of the movie takes place at an industry auto show for the 1978 models. Lo and behold there is an Avanti at the show. There’s a gun fight and Crowe and Gosling’s characters use the Avanti for cover. While no bullets hit the Avanti a Cadillac Eldorado does get blown up. I guess the Avanti was not replaceable as the Eldorado was. It was a pretty outrageous and funny movie. Having the Avanti in it was a bonus.
  25. My best condolences to them for their loss…but they’re ok which is the important thing.
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