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    Have a varied car collection ranging from an all original 1928 Pierce Arrow Coupe,to a 1988 Porsche 930 Cabriolet-but the Studebaker Avanti has always been my obsession.Have two '63 R1's-one 4 speed,the other an automatic,as well as a totally original '64 turquoise/turquoise R2.

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  1. Thank you, Dwight..that might be a good option...seems like every 3EE I've ever bought for my Avantis seems to last about a year..
  2. Thank you....What might be a good modern substitute?..would like to keep the battery location where it is..
  3. I have gotten 3EE batteries in the past at my local automobile battery/electric shop, and more recently at Batteries Plus. The former says he likely won't be able to even order one, and the latter has none in stock, and they show none in stock at local stores. I asked if they could order one, they say the 3EE's are on "back order". with no estimated delivery date. Does anyone know of a reliable source where they're recently purchased a 3EE battery ?? Most appreciated; thank you..
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