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    Classic Car's & Trucks, Hot Rods, NON-electric vehicles. History. 47 year + Professional Drummer. I'm a Patriot, Knights Templar, Master Freemason and a Shriner. I'm also a S.A.R.(Sons of the American Revolution) and of Scottish Heritage.

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  1. Good day Jim. Yes, it is still for sale. Please reach me off line.
  2. It's an unfortunate issue, but I can no longer keep my 83, RQB-3691. Mechanically she's solid, drivable and gets up and goes! I decided to post it here and on the "for sale" forum to let you, the regulars, know it's availability. Thanks
  3. Good day all. I can no longer keep my 83 and have to sell it. I'm the 3rd owner and I will give all the info I can and Plenty of pics. I have the "Born Sheet" from Dan Booth. First, all the good stuff; 305 runs Great, Oil Changed when I got it and valve train checked, Anything that needed attention was done. 700R4, shifts great, Tranny Fluid flushed and checked for metal, None to be found. Rear has been check, Grease in good condition and no leaks. The Interior is in Fantastic shape, Only the Drivers seat has visible wear on the side, everything else is unblemished. The roof slide/moon roof slide has the fabric coming off. Gauges work, gas gauge has a mind of it's own. New Tires, New Shocks, Front end suspension rebuilt, greased and tightened up. Hog Throughs and Frame in fantastic shape. One reason I bought the car was that it had solid frame, Hogs and suspension. Not so good stuff; The Body and paint are really the only issue with this car. It really needs paint. No dents or damage from any wrecks. Glass is flawless. I just drove it today and it gets up and drives nice. I'm starting at $15k, but will entertain reasonable offers. Please use the following to contact me: gbinge68@gmail.com Thank you GaryB
  4. Good day everyone. Newbee question: Does anyone have any info on the Recaro seats used in our cars? Style number or part number or any type of identifier? Also, the seats were made in "Eagle Ottawa #7307 Tan Leather" as is the entire interior.
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