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Found 3 results

  1. I have just finished cleaning the hog troughs on R4551. After removing a bit of undercoating and surface rust, they look like new. I did break off one of the body mount bolts and one of the seat belt nuts came loose. Both have been repaired. FWIW, this car spent most of its life in Los Angeles before coming to FL, according to the past registration receipts in the glove box. In any case, they appear to have been painted black from the factory. The only other color on them is some over spray from the body (turquoise). While I not a big fan, I am considering POR 15. Since I cleaned them up with a wire brush on a drill, I am sure I did not remove all the rust. Any recommendations as to color? POR 15? The Authenticity Manual does not address hog trough color.
  2. I am doing body off and need to re-bond some panels, for example the door outer skin to the door frame. What are you using for glue? I am leaning toward Evercoat Vette Panel Adhesive/Filler.
  3. I am looking for suggestions as to where to mount body shell on rotisserie. The hog troughs seem to be good. Any other ideas?
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