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  1. This tech-tip is from the 12/91 Studebaker Bulletin......WORN TEETH ON YOUR STUDEBAKER AVANTI'S FLYWHEEL? (either standard or auto) 1)Remove starter and dismantle 2)Remove Bendix assembly 3)Remove the flat snapring holding the starter gear onto the three pronged collar.....CAREFUL, it's spring loaded 4)Remove the round snapring, thick retaining washer, flat washer, and spring washer 5) Screw the three pronged collar off the ratchet....CAREFUL, it has a spring loaded stud inside 6) Grind or file the small lip off the bottom of the collar 7) Invert the collar, and screw it back onto the shaft with the ground off side UP. Be sure to thread the spring loaded stud back on the exact same groove Reassemble Bendix....leaving flat washer out 9)Reassemble starter with a small washer on the armature shaft between the Bendix and the inner nose of the starter housing THIS MODIFICATION WILL ALLOW THE BENDIX TO ENGAGE DEEPER INTO THE FLYWHEEL GEAR.
  2. mfg

    Avanti "Bling"!

    A friend of mine who lives in Brockton, Mass. recently purchased a small cache of Studebaker parts, and last weekend he invited me to stop by and look over these items. I ended up buying a few parts I needed for my ongoing '56 Golden Hawk restoration...however, something else really caught my eye...a fully chrome plated 17" Studebaker Avanti engine fan! I've only seen chromed Avanti fans on a few of the Granatelli jobs......and I HAD to bring this thing home with me!.....Well, the following day, Sunday, I installed this fan on my '63 Avanti..... I need to figure out how to post pics on this forum, because this fairly large part really adds "BLING" ! It was mounted on a used Avanti viscous fan drive, but the fan itself appears to have never been installed on a car....Just what a Studebaker Avanti engine compartment needed...MORE CHROME!!
  3. If he really has all the parts involved, I believe his $2000 valuation for them is about right.....In my humble opinion though, those parts should probably be offered to someone who owns a round light Avanti and has been in a frontal collision. It definitely is a major job to properly make that conversion, and if the square light front of this '72 Avanti is in good shape, I'd leave it the way it is and enjoy it.
  4. A friend of mine, who lives in Arundel, Maine, just purchased a very nice '63 Studebaker Avanti....Unusual in that it's one of the rare 'Avanti Black' Stude Avantis, with what appears to be the fawn & black interior.... (I've only seen photos of his car).....I've encouraged him to join the AOAI....and this forum!
  5. In 1957, all 289CI Studebaker V8s used the 'dished' pistons....and 'normal' 289s were advertised to have an 8.3-1 compression ratio......However, the supercharged Golden Hawks advertised compression ratio was 7.5-1...I believe (not 100% sure) that all the '57 289's used the thicker composite head gaskets from the factory, hence the compression change would have to be in the combustion chamber.
  6. If these are '57-'58 Studebaker Golden Hawk heads, they should be OK, as Golden Hawk's of that vintage had less compression than the other period Stude V8's....Since pistons were all the same, (dished), the compression change had to be in the heads....Suggest you use thick (composite) head gaskets with this setup.
  7. Very interesting!.... and Avanti Gray is a fairly rare factory color!
  8. mfg

    Tached Avanti!

    That's CORRECT Dwight!
  9. mfg

    Cold War Avanti!

    Close enough!....(actually.... Control of Electromagnetic Radiation)
  10. And answer #4 is CORRECT!
  11. mfg

    R3 Change!

    RIGHT!...Paxton added strapping to hold up headliner at speed!
  12. False is CORRECT!...and for the reason you state!
  13. mfg

    R3 Lark!

    And true would be CORRECT!
  14. mfg

    R3 Change!

    What change did Paxton engineering make to the headliner of the '64 Studebaker Daytona R3 road tested in the 1/64 edition of HOT ROD MAGAZINE?
  15. The difference between prototype and standard production Studebaker R3 tachometers is......?..... 1) Face colors......2) RPM reading.....3) Pointer.....or......4) No differences
  16. The alternators used on R2 & R3 Studebaker Avanti engines were the same......True?
  17. mfg

    R3 Lark!

    The Avanti R3 powered '64 Studebaker Daytona, which was road tested in the 1/64 HOT ROD MAGAZINE, was built on the very first full day of 1964 production.........True?
  18. The factory radio in 1963 Studebaker Avantis displays two "Conelrad"triangles on the dial....What is "Conelrad" an abbreviation for?
  19. mfg

    Avanti R3 Hawk!

    I've seen that valve cover trick more recently......the owner of a '32 Ford hotrod fitted early Olds V8 covers on what was actually a small block Chevy....and another guy with a rod put early Chrysler "Firepower" covers on a V8 Chevy engine.....neither my cup of tea!
  20. Right on the money!
  21. mfg

    P.O.'d Avanti!

    For 1964....You are CORRECT!
  22. In a subsequent race to the '64 Yankee 300, the "Duo-Fast Spl." #33 Avanti R3 powered GT Hawk had to be retired due to a broken.......?....... 1) Steering pitman arm.....2) Left rear axle shaft.....3) Split seam on fuel tank....or.....4) Lower control arm
  23. Some 1964 Studebaker passenger cars, including Avantis, had their factory production order left inside the car....these P.O.'s can sometimes be found......?...... 1 )Under springs of back seat cushion.....2) Under spare tire......3) Under passenger bucket seat....or....4) On top of glove box
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