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  1. Bit the bullet and ordered the Coker 670R15s. Unfortunately, they are backordered. Hope to get them in time. Now to find some wheels. I have about a dozen 63/64 Avanti wheels. Hopefully, I can find 5 good ones. Otherwise, I do have a 78 Avanti parts car and could use those wheels. If all else fails, I hope to be able to purchase new.
  2. After looking closely at the shop manual, I believe that the rotors as well as the rear drums came from the factory a natural black as cast - not painted. I did find some material to restore the as cast color (insta-black 333). However, I already painted them, so I will live with that for now
  3. Spoke too soon. Looks like Walmart has Cooper trendsetters in 205/75x15.
  4. Came up empty on Coopers. Do you have a source? Found some Kumhos and Hankooks though. Much less expensive than the Cokers. Still have the problem of fitting in the spare tire well.
  5. I plan on driving one of the Avantis to South Bend for the International. About a 1200 mile trip one way. I will need new tires. I have been using BFG 205/75R15 on Magnum 500 wheels. Tires in that size seem to be hard to come by. I found American Classic radials from Coker in 670R15 that look pretty good albeit a bit pricey. The good thing about these is that they will fit the stock wheels as well as the spare tire well. The 205/75 do not. Any source for 205/75 or other recommended size? I would like to use some stock looking wheels instead of the Magnums. Open to suggestions.
  6. I believe numbers matching matters more for #1, #2 quality cars. For drivers, as has been stated, it really does not matter. For judging, they don't seem to care.
  7. R1s were rated at 240. I believe that 300hp 327 Corvette engines were used in early Avanti IIs. So, the math would say 60. My guess is that they were comparing it to the 225 version of the Stude engine. Therefore, I will say 2) 75.
  8. IIRC, the GT Hawk and Avanti both use similar Ross steering boxes. So, I say 2) '63 GT Hawk.
  9. The hood and trunk hinges are body color. But I believe items such as the hood latches etc were cad plated.
  10. First, I applaud the efforts of those who compiled the authenticity manual. No small undertaking. By and large, what they were able to document they did an very good job. However, with any task of that magnitude, there will be some mistakes. That being said, you may be correct. The rotors/hubs may have been left unpainted. That would have them appearing on the black side. No matter. As I stated, I will go with black for now. I can always paint them a different color later if necessary.
  11. Good thing about paint is that you can change color. I will go black for now. It is a puzzle that everything I have is silver including the grease caps.
  12. FWIW, there are obvious mistakes in authenticity manual. For example, it shows an "original" fuel pump. Since it has 8 screws, it is one of the retrofitted mopars. The picture you show from SI is a repop hub/rotor. I have 6 sets of rotor/hub on my shelve. So far they have all been painted silver. That is why I am questioning.
  13. Rotors, actually the hubs. It is clear that the calipers are silver.
  14. I am in the processing of painting my rotors. The authenticity manual indicates that they should be black. However, the pair I am working on is silver. I have several other sets that are silver. Does anyone know for sure?
  15. Bringing this up again. I have 2 avantis after serial 4309. Neither show any evidence of carpeting on the sides, just the 4 pieces listed in the parts catalog. Others have noted the same. The Avanti before serial 4309 has all 11 pieces. Does anyone know for sure that after 4309 all vertical carpet was deleted leaving just the 4 pieces listed in the catalog?
  16. Not to be disagreeable, but where are the other pieces listed?
  17. RockAuto is showing several Grant steering wheels with installation kit for Studebaker Avanti.
  18. Once again, according to the parts manual, Avantis before 4309 only have 5 pieces in the trunk. After 4409 only have 4. Where do you get 11?
  19. Of course, are we counting the kick panel and door panel carpets?
  20. I somewhat agree with Dwight. If I can count correctly, according to parts manual, before serial 4309 has extra piece of carpet on luggage compartment seat back. After serial 4892, there is a piece for the rear console. The trunk carpeting only consists of either 5 or 4 pieces depending on whether serial number is before 4309. The interior consists of either 10 or 11 pieces depending on whether the serial number is after 4892. A complete set would have 15 pieces if before 4309, 14 if between 4309 and 4892, and 15 if after 4892.
  21. There are adapter kits for Grant steering wheels. You may want to investigate.
  22. According to theavanti.com: "Studebaker cars are the first with brakepower that keeps pace with horsepower."
  23. The NOS pair I have are marked 64 STU 3.
  24. Since I have the body off to replace hog troughs, I decided to clean up and paint frame. Of course, in order to do a proper job, everything should be removed. While I am at it, I may as well touch up the paint on the engine. .... When will it stop!
  25. Received hog troughs today from George. Look great and they are galvanized. They even have the zinc weld through coating.
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