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  1. Can anyone post a picture of a correct late 64 kick pad/carpet combo? In the process of replacing carpet and want to be correct. According to parts catalog, there was a change in the molding at serial number 4892. Also, the catalog lists a retainer 1347722X1. Any one know what that is? I have 1347528X61 that I purchased from Nostalgic. The catalog lists a right and left dash liner. Any clues on that? Thanks
  2. Makes sense, unfortunately, my parts catalog is dated December 1963. Some of the differences between 63 and 64 are not specified.
  3. Hard to believe that t10 4spd weighs less than t86 3spd with no o/d. After all, it is in the larger t85 case and has 1 extra forward gear as well as reverse in the tail shaft.
  4. Additionally, according to parts catalog, AC 3286 is brown front and rear seat belt kit.
  5. Not correct. As I pointed out, the base R1 has 3 spd and the base R2 has 4spd. You must account for the difference in weight!
  6. According to the production data, 55 lbs is correct. This assumes R1 equipped with 3 spd and R2 equipped with 4 spd. In order to correctly answer this question, the difference in weight between 3 spd and 4 spd needs to be known.
  7. In 64 R1/R2, the "standard" axle ratio was 3.54. Does any know if the same is true for R3s?
  8. Your 80 should already have the quick steering arms.
  9. I will plan on picking up in South Bend. I can send $$ via zelle, paypal, ???
  10. Option 84 for 63 is front seatbelts. There is a publication entitled "The Studebaker Avanti Production Data" available from the Studebakermuseum.org that contains a lot of good tidbits.
  11. Not worried about mounts. Let me know how much and if you would consider shipping. Otherwise, I plan on being in South Bend for the IM.
  12. Yes, should be "quick" steering arms. When Avanti changed to the forklift steering box, they were needed to keep the steering similar. In any case, I have the same setup on my 78.
  13. Thanks, primarily interested in driver's bottom shell. The welds on the bracing gave way and the fiberglass is all but destroyed. I could repair the fiberglass, but the reinforcing is rusted through in several places and I would need to fabricate some kind of replacement.
  14. The shop manual has very good information for this carb.
  15. The driver's seat on my 78 is in bad shape. The reinforcement separated and the shell is broken on a couple of places. Any one have a spare? This is the high back seat, not Recaro.
  16. Getting new upholstery. Discovered that the driver's seat bottom is broken. The reinforcement separated and the fiberglass shell is pretty bad. Any one parting an Avanti with the high back seats, not Recaro?
  17. According to research by George Krem as published on page 30 of "The Studebaker Avanti Production Data" all 9 had TT with 3 having 4.09 axle ratios and 2 having 4.55 ratios.
  18. I would have guessed that it was inverted flare. Lo and behold when I looked at some spares in the shop, they appear to be NPT. No seat to seal! OTOH, the fittings that go into the pump are inverted flare. FWIW, I have had success using hylomar as a sealant.
  19. 1) Yes. According to service letter J-1963-8, the shielding cover may push one of the spark plug cables onto the resistor terminal causing a miss.
  20. Well, since it is SN60, maybe 2) 1960?
  21. Here is picture of engine serial number from 64 R1. If the block is original, it should be RSxxxx. Of course, some previous owner may have transferred the R2 internals to a different block. BTW, the casting number on this block is 1554641 indicating a full flow block with spin on oil filter located lower rear passenger side. All blocks after mid 62 should have this casting number.
  22. 1557144 is the block casting number. You need to find the serial number that is stamped, not cast, into the block near the front of the lifter cover, driver's side. 535796 is the casting number for 57,58 Golden Hawks and 59,60,61 V8s.
  23. All full flow blocks have the same casting number, so you need engine serial number. Head casting numbers are 1557582.
  24. The serial number is on a flat pad near the lifter cover driver's front side. As stated, the head casting numbers are visible just above the center exhaust port. Does it have a spin on oil filter lower rear passenger side?
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