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  1. lschuc

    AOAI Board!

    Give up??? The answer is in your last few issues of Avanti Magazine. 😎
  2. lschuc

    new calendars

    It is usually less cost to send one calendar per envelope, since two or more in one package is too heavy to go as 1st class large envelope mailing. That then requires priority mail which is anywhere from $7-$9, depending on the distance and weight.
  3. lschuc

    Avanti Bribe!

    It was gifted to disgraced Ohio congressman James Traficant by then-Avanti owner JJ Cafaro. Traficant was convicted of receiving bribes, both the Avanti and a Corvette, and served 7 years in a federal prison.
  4. lschuc

    R3 Item!

    Answer #5 is correct. All A and B series had all those items. But one BIG difference is that the A-series engines were 299ci displacement, and B-series engines were 304.5 cid. Working with a standard R2 engine as its base, the first prototype R3 engines displaced 299.5 c.i. These are generally referred to as "A" engines and were used in the first record setting Bonneville Salt Flats runs. When one of these engines pushed an Avanti to 170.78 mph it officially became the Worlds Fastest Production Car. The "production" R3 engine was bored out further to 304.5 c.i. and are stamped as "B" engines. Standard R3 camshaft was 276 degree with 288 degree optional. See the attached photo of the #9 Bonneville Avanti that shows the dual breathers on the valve covers, and a breather cap on the oil pan breather tube.
  5. Don Simmons at Silvertone Exhaust Systems used to sell correct trunk carpet, but I am not sure if he still does. try contacting him through his ad in Avanti Magazine. Brad Bez at Bez Auto Alchemy also has patterns and correct trunk carpet. His small ad is also in Avanti Magazine.
  6. lschuc

    Nassau Avanti!

    It is #4, a 1987 Avanti and belongs to AOAI member Peter Armstrong in Nassau, NP Bahamas. By the way, Nassau had minimal effect from Hurricane Dorian, just a little stronger than normal wind and rain from the outer bands of the storm. I heard from Peter and the area had no damage.
  7. lschuc

    Dick Vaux

    I hope members in the northeast can attend the celebration of Dick's life, September 8 in New Hampshire. Details are in the Boston Globe story about Dick, linked from this AOAI Forum post: http://aoai.org/forums/topic/9397-richard-vauxrip/ Also, read my review of Dick's book Dirty Work on Speedreaders, transportation book review website, recounting his expereince of retrieving the hijacked TWA jetliner from Beirut, Lebanon, in 1985. The review and his obituary will also be in the next issue of Avanti Magazine, in production now and going into the mail at the end of this week. At the end of the review are links to order either a digital version of the book or the paperback version. https://speedreaders.info/21052-dirty-work/
  8. lschuc

    Richard Vaux..RIP

    Here's the story from the Boston Globe about Dick's passing. Hopefully other SDC and AOAI members from the Northeast chapter can attend the celebration of his life on September 8 in Greenland, N.H. Lew
  9. One thought: could the advance weights be sticking and not advancing the distributor on acceleration? Or maybe the weights or springs could be wrong for the engine?
  10. lschuc

    Avanti 63R1325

    Not sure, other than it was the 325th Avanti produced. Last was owned by a former member, inactive since 2006, in Dixon, Illinois.
  11. lschuc

    Odd Avanti!

    I actually took the photo, showing the first, #1 and last, #9 of the production 1964 R3 Avantis. Yes, according to the chart, only four of the EX prototype cars were re-assigned new serial numbers by Studebaker.
  12. lschuc

    Odd Avanti!

    If you were at the AOAI meet last August in Tacoma, Washington, you would have received a prototype booklet written by John Hull that includes the attached chart showing all 10 prototype Avantis. Note that EX2942 was shipped to Paxton March 20, 1962 and was built as the R5 due Cento for Bonneville. EX2946 is the 8th prototype and the 1964 prototype that was sold as the last serial numbered Avanti as R5653. It is still in the northwest under restoration and as the chart shows, was Avanti Gold with fawn and orange interior, hand cut-out square headlight openings. At some time in its previous life, this Avanti was repainted orange and received a solid red metallic interior, possibly when the factory updated this car to 1964 style. EX2945 is the 7th prototype and is the other New York Auto Show car, later receiving the production serial number R5652. It is waiting to be restored by Brad and originally was painted Avanti White with a fawn and red interior. At some time in the past, the interior was changed to fawn and orange, but not known if it was done by Studebaker before being re-serial numbered and sold, or done by a previous owner. Both the 7th and 8th prototype cars used red & black speckled carpet, and both were the cars flown around the country for dealer introductions.
  13. Jim, you can buy them from the website, endurancebuiltproducts.com
  14. An AOAI member in the San Francisco area also has an electric 1985 Avanti. See past Avanti Magazines for several stores in the last 10 or so years. The Avanti Motors website is pretty basic now, while a group of investors in Virginia are trying to get the needed backing to build a fully electric car, based on the original AVX.
  15. There were probably some dealers that got in to see the race in special seating, so add in another 30? Probably 200 total ?
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