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  1. Whoever you spoke with is correct. It needs to be there.In my 51 years of owning my Avanti, I've read many times about this spacer being left out and "things" not lining up and functioning correctly. JB
  2. Take note of the parts list above...............527974. It is a spacer that has been left off of many transmission installations.
  3. I'd have to dig my shop manual out to see what is or isn't covered. When I first got my car (1972) I used it frequently. Not so much now, as I've done most everything you can do to an Avanti at least once. The parts book will show you an "exploded" view of the tach and the bracket, nuts etc. Remove the driver seat, put a blanket on the floor to level the floor out, and get your head under the dash with a flash light and perhaps a mirror. It is not that difficult to remove the tach.
  4. There is a "U" shaped bracket, on the back side of the tach, that holds the tach tight to the dash panel. There are two studs that go through two holes in the bracket. Remove the two nuts (5/16 or 3/8,as I recall) and remove the bracket. From the backside, push the tach towards the driver's seat. There is a stud on the backside of the tach housing, and as I recall, it's the ground wire for the tach light.You'll need to remove it. Sounds like you do not have a shop manual, nor a parts book. I'd strongly encourage you to obtain both. It will make your work on an Avanti much easier. JB
  5. I have not done this in 20plus years, but I'd suggest that you consider removing the tach, and then you'll have access to the other bulbs., provided your hand will fit through the hole. I recall removing the tach years ago to gain access to the tach sender that sits on top of the metal bar running across the bottom of the dash, so I know it can get you the access. If you go this route, I'd suggest you disconnect the battery, as I believe you you can fry the tach sender if the wires cross etc.
  6. Leo, I would add that my Avanti, 63R-1348, that I have owned for 51 years, has a fully carpeted trunk, just like the above photos.
  7. Kyle.........Sent you a Private Message (PM)
  8. You can fabricate the mounts and weld them on. No big deal.
  9. bsoos..........I have a limited number of Studebaker Part number AC 3284 license plate frames. These are polished Stainless Steel and are reproductions. I have an ad in "Avanti Magazine" in the current issue, #202 on page 79. Contact information is in the ad. Or, contact me through this site via the PM, (Private Message). Thanks John
  10. You should consider purchasing a Shop Manual.
  11. Gary, I'd suggest that you add a little more information regarding the wheel you are chasing..............15 X What Width? and What Back Spacing? My suggestion assumes (dangerous word) that Tru Spokes were produced in multiple widths and backspacing. Good luck.
  12. Jerry...........I've sent you a PM (Private Message) regarding a couple of the parts listed. Thanks John
  13. In my 50 years of Avanti ownership and parts collecting, I've never seen an Avanti rear seat that wasn't very rusty.
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