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  1. A pair of 11" Backing Plates. Part numbers 1557664 and 1557665 for tapered rear axles. They have been sand blasted and primed. There are pits. No rust through. Photos of the pair sand blasted, before priming , and primed are available. Just ask via the P.M.feature. $150.00 for the pair, cash, check, or M.O., plus actual shipping cost from Zip Code 40241. John Brissette 52 year AOAI Member
  2. Google "Gates Heat Shrink Radiator Clamps". They work like shrink tubing. They will shrink to whatever shape you have. That's the good news. I have used them and I like them. I have no leaks! The bad news is they are pricey, and a one time use. Add to that ,when you need to remove them, you should have their special tool, or you will cut the hose in the removal process. Ask me how I know. John
  3. I'd suggest you can Jon Myer at Myers Studebaker in Duncan Falls Ohio. He has several parts cars. 740 674 4897 John
  4. I did much the same thing to my Avanti 35 years ago. I installed an explosion proof valve , mounted to the bar, that the top of the rear shocks mount to. it is wired from the ignition switch to a fuse, to a toggle switch to the valve. I might add that my Avanti is plumbed with AN fittings through out. Stainless Steel hard lines and braided stainless flex lines. No rubber hose. JB
  5. When I get back home, I'll measure again to make sure what I posted is correct.
  6. Yes, I still have it. I do not recall if it is for the left or right side. I "think" it is the same piece, regardless of the application. Sorry for the delay in responding, as I am out of town. John
  7. Private Message (PM) sent to you through this site. Look in the upper right corner of this page.
  8. Forgot to post the photo. [img]https://i.imgur.com/2aC1tk3.jpg[/img]
  9. Came across this piece , while looking for another obscure Avanti part. Back in the early 80's I wrote on it that it is an interior trim piece for the quarter panel on an Avanti ll It is 16 1/2" Long and 5/8" wide. Stainless Steel. This piece was removed from the "Florida" prototype convertible. That was in the early to mid 80's as I recall. $35.00 plus shipping. If interested, send me a PM Thanks John
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