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  1. I'd suggest you do a google search for a Parker Store in your area. John
  2. For what it is worth................I've owned my R1 Avanti with AC for 50 years. When purchased, it had an orange 5 blade 17" fan. I purchased a 7 blade 17" fan years ago and it is black.
  3. Thanks Brad, good to know. Regarding the PS...........Is Type F the recommendation? John
  4. Brad.........Do I read your reply to say that the B&M Trick Shift fluid would be the preferred fluid in PowerShift Transmissions? And /or P.S.? Thanks John
  5. It has been years since I removed the back seat, but I recall that removing the upper portion is done as previously stated ,by removing the two bolts at the bottom of the upper portion, and then you slide the back cushion DOWN, to free it from the the two metal clips that secure the upper portion of the back seat to the the panel between the gas tank and the upper portion of the back seat.
  6. Thanks for the part numbers and the instructions. John
  7. What is the part number for the Koni rear shocks? Thanks John
  8. Jim, I 'm 99% sure it is not a Studebaker Avanti. But, I have not seen the car! This is all being done via the phone, through a third party. Thanks for the information on the location of the serial number on a Studebaker Avanti. That was my first "instruction" , to look below the heater motor, on the frame. I'm very familiar with the plate and its location, as I have owned my '63 since 1972. BUT, it could have been removed. I've forwarded the questions Gunslinger posed and added a few of my own, so we'll see what I get as answers. I've offered to take a look at it in person, but have not heard back. Stay tuned. John
  9. Gunslinger............I'm needing to know where the serial/vin number is located. Long story short. Owner of an Avanti ll died. Estate sold the car, with out a title as it could not be located. New owner does not know what year it is. Add to that the new owner can't find the serial/vin number to start the process of getting a title. I have not seen the car, but based on what little information I was given, I feel very confident it is an Avanti ll. Having said all of that , where should the serial/vin number be located on '65-'83 Avanti ll's Do Avanti ll's have a hidden serial number, somewhere on the car/frame, like my '63 Avanti, which has one, on the rear shock mount bar? Thanks John
  10. Where is the Serial or Vin number located on '65-'83 Avanti's.? Thanks John
  11. Mark, received your PM. Thanks for the information. 7 1/2 months to rebuild a drier is not acceptable. I got it done with a two week turn around, by Old Air Products in Ft.Worth Texas.FYI , they also stock flare fittings. JB
  12. If you can't locate a replacement, have yours reconed.
  13. I'm in the process of changing the AC compressor, on a '63 and would like to find a source for rebuilding the drier. Who can you recommend,and were you satisfied with the results? Thanks John
  14. DO NOT SPRAY POR 15 unless you have the best fresh air breathing system. POR 15 sets up hard when exposed to moisture. Absent the best fresh air breathing equipment, IF you breathe in POR 15 and it gets in your lungs it will set up and become hard as a rock, just like on a frame. Be careful!
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