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Avanti Inlet!


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Avanti designer Bob Andrews once described the rather unusual fuel inlet intrusion into the passenger compartment of a 1963 Studebaker Avanti as .......?.......

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2 hours ago, Dwight FitzSimons said:

What "fuel inlet intrusion into the passenger compartment"?  

I apologize this isn't the greatest shot as the foreground is what is in focus but the gist can be conveyed. The left side gauge is for fuel pressure. The right side is a gauge for blower pressure. The fuel pressure gauge has pressurized gasoline coming inside the cabin via a hose. If that hose were to burst or come off the fitting, it'd start spraying gasoline all over wherever the hole was oriented.

As much as 1025 was driven daily in the 1970s and 1990s, there were a lot of down days, but that was never an issue. The tapered axles were. The blower belts were. The under hood fuel filter was. 4 of 5 RF lugs sheered off. The engine fan spun off and embedded itself in the radiator. I'm sure there are more I'm missing but, fuel spraying everywhere on the interior wasn't a reason the car let my dad or I down.

We did carry a fire extinguisher in the car but that was just for "general purpose" as resin just likes to catch fire and melt when you know, fuego. I usually stowed it behind the front passenger seat. I knew exactly where it was at all times.

IMGP0831 fuel and boost gauges.jpg

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