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  1. No Bond film but obviously the author Ian Fleming owned one.
  2. Steve, I did reply but it seems to have disappeared. I don't have that bracket on my Chassis but there is two holes on the inner rear chassis ( drivers side) near the rear cross member where I think that bracket would fit. I suspect it may be the bracket that holds one side of the fuel tank on the Lark. Maybe it was left on the A11 chassis or it is off the replacement chassis. Have a look in that area. Peter
  3. From memory it goes on the inside of the chassis rail towards the rear. Look for a spot on the chassis that has two holes that match the two on the bracket. In the meantime I will have a look at my chassis next time I'm at work for the exact location. pb
  4. I assume it's 3 The Homecoming
  5. 1963r2

    Avanti Call!

    Last guess, the truck broke down. pb
  6. 1963r2

    Avanti Call!

    I have no idea but did a cover or something similar come off revealing the car? pb
  7. Was there some type of brush in the custom pieces in front of the rear wheel?
  8. Might be Sherwoods first Avanti ?
  9. 1963r2

    Avanti Quote!

    John Polous. Although as suggested it applies to all old cars.
  10. Prevention is better than the cure. I will have to do the same. pb
  11. I ( as above ) was under the impression there were 2 versions of the trunk carpet. In fact a year ago or so the was someone looking into this issue to try and ascertain the reason and changeover period. I have seen both trunk carpet versions for sale through vendors. pb
  12. I thought one of the quad light designs was very nice. The others looked average.
  13. It doesn't let as much water in ?
  14. I say Bob Andrews.
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