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  1. Would the administrator please correct the title of this section to "Avantis For Sale" --Dwight FitzSimons, Editor, Greater Virginia Chapter--SDC
  2. If I remember correctly it was Milt Antonick. --Dwight
  3. I hate sunroofs/moonroofs because they leak, and, worst of all, take up essential headroom, especially in the back seat. However, I once had a car with a moonroof that I liked, a 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT. This wasn't the elaborate apparatus that dropped and slid backward, taking up a couple inches of rear headroom. It simply tilted up (hinged at front). It could be closed, tilted up, or removed and stored in the trunk. The seal was simple and easy to replace. Of course, Fieros had a plastic (SMS?) body, so installation might not be too difficult in an Avanti for those who want a moonroof in their Avanti. --Dwight.
  4. Based on your usage of the article "an" the only possible answer would be 2) Informer. --Dwight
  5. Be sure you deal with the mold properly and safely. Mold "dust" (spores) is not something one should inhale. Also, the mold may have already caused irreversible discoloration of the vinyl - that remains to be seen. -Dwight.
  6. One more vote for your not quitting the quizzes. So, it's three yesses. --Dwight
  7. The driver inquired: "Where is the nearest bathroom?" --Dwight
  8. The phrase is: Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now & then. The phrase makes sense only if using the word "even." --Dwight
  9. Here are pix of my '64 R2 Avanti engine. --Dwight
  10. Black doesn't show the lines of an Avanti, plus you have to wash it after every drive to keep it looking good. Plus, it's hot! Although I love red I personally like to see a variety of colors at Studebaker meets. I have had two Avanti-Gray Avantis and the color looks great to me. --Dwight BTW, doesn't your local automotive paint store have a palate of each colors from light to dark to find a close match from. Maybe TCP Global does also. Maybe borrow a gas filler door from someone who has a gray avanti.
  11. One small point: From my limited experience some painters have their preferences for mfr of paint and may not accept TCP Global. You might want to check with your painter first. --Dwight
  12. Looser clearances reduce friction. Higher capacity oil pan provides more oil to help cool the engine. Higher lift cam(s). --Dwight
  13. It was just a typo. We all, at one time or another, type faster than we think. No one gets flogged for a typo. --Dwight
  14. Early 1964 Avanti (round headlight transition car). Close seconds: 1953-4 Starliner, 1956 Sky Hawk, 1956 Golden Hawk, 1964 Hawk --Dwight
  15. False. Those cylinders are said by the experts (not me) to be the first to break through into water when overbored. --Dwight
  16. Loewy (It wasn't that Lowey guy; He doesn't exist. So, I'm the winner.)
  17. I'm not making up the story about chasing away a skunk, just stretching the truth a bit. Actually, I was out after dark and walked back to my porch oblivious to the skunk on my porch eating the cats' food. When I stepped onto the porch it trundled off and retreated without incident. I wasn't so lucky when I was about 6-7 years old. --Dwight
  18. Wow! One of our pioneering CASOs! There should have been a plaque on the console stating that. --Dwight
  19. Everyone likes the look of the R3 carb box, and there are a number of R2s out there with an R3 carb box. Once upon a time Lionel Stone made them. Short story: Back in the late 1960's I had a '64 Avanti with a crate R3 engine (B86). I was in the USAF and took it to a local SDC chapter meet. One guy tried to buy my R3 carb box. After I said no, he said: "You don't need that!" --Dwight
  20. "Chassis Only" (Build Sheet notation)
  21. I'm going to guess 5/8" The pulley on one of my cars (that I believe to be HO) is about 5.5" in dia. My R2 Avanti is out in the rain, and there's skunk smell out there, so I believe I'll wait until morning to measure it. I chased that skunk off my porch yesterday, but apparently he's back. --Dwight
  22. Is it like 63R1464, which has had three previous owners, all with the same name? --Dwight
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