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Convertible top seals


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I changed the seal on my '88 Avanti Convertible about 2015.  I compared the profile of the Avanti seal with ones that I found online for universal automotive weather seals and it worked out fine. 

On the old seal, I found the number 7659, but I don't remember if that was helpful.  Here are pictures:


Here are the seals profiles:


Original seal on left, replacement on right.  The original had a zigzag reinforcement wire running inside it and the new seal was stiffer than the original.

I believe the vendor was Classic Industries (800 854-1280), but I couldn't tell by their website when I looked tonight.    Looking back, I saw an email from them in 2015, but it simply said that their tech would be in touch with me.  Seems like they provided me with a way to look at profiles of the seals they carry.  Other vendors may help you find an appropriate seal.  I don't remember if I asked for a sample piece from the vendor before ordering.  I'm surprised that I didn't find the invoice in my Avanti files, I'm usually pretty "retentive" about such things since all of my cars are "odd" and I tend to keep them a long time.

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I forgot to mention, I need the forward seal on my Avanti quarter windows.  I suspect that Avanti Motor Corp "borrowed" this seal from a regular production car, but I don't know which one (Renault? LeBaron?).  This is a rubber seal held on to the quarter window by a metal flange.  The door window closes against it.  If anyone can give me a lead on finding this seal, I'd be very appreciative.



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Is it at all possible this is from the original Monte Carlo seal used by 87-88 Avanti Coupes that has been strategically 'cut'?

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