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  1. There is an adjustment screw on the steering box to help tighten or loosen the steering. One shop adjusted mine. A year or two later, the car seemed to wander in the lane while driving. I had it checked out and the bolts mounting the steering box to the frame had loosened, once tightened up, it handled just fine.
  2. New York wasn't on the list? My '89 was built for the '89 New York Auto Show. It's be surprising as NY is considered one of THE shows.
  3. 25 gallon tank. The '89 convertible resto-modded with a crate 383 that I had loved gas station fill ups.
  4. He wasn't quite so lucky on his new paint choice that wouldn't stick to the car bodies.
  5. I really wonder who gets the credit for the saying "There's nothing more expensive than a cheap Avanti."
  6. 3) 6, my reasoning being Studebaker Lark convertible frame, Lark 6 cylinder frames that were strengthened before being used, Monte Carlo, Caprice, Firebird and Mustang.
  7. I saw the GT in South Bend around 4-5 years ago, it was low! The cabin floor and seats were low as well, the drive tunnel seemed at least 6-8" high than a standard cabin.
  8. Renualt. I had an '89 convertible and the left/driver's side latch would always loosen up gradually from traveling down the road. I got into the habit of pushing the latch forward every few miles when driving distances. I tried tightening the screw holding the latch to no avail. The latch, even though it tightly secured the top, would work itself loose over time/distance.
  9. I had inquired about getting the quick steering arms installed on my '76 and was told by a couple of good Avanti guys that they made the steering more "twitchy", not really improving the steering/handling.
  10. I got my floor mats from Studebaker International. At the time they had the mats in red, black and brown. They had matching rear mats as well.
  11. My '76 has the same color interior. Gladstone acorn full vinyl seats, Gladstone Acorn vinyl paint on dash, sun visors, roll bar and headboard, with the simulated walnut wood trim around gauges and console. Carpeting was Adventure Walnut shag, but was long gone before I got the car in 2011. My car has the headrests incorporated into the seat backs and I also went with the brown Studebaker mats. Sorry, I couldn't find a more recent picture of interior, car is still in storage sleeping through the IL winter. This was taken when the car was repainted in 2015 and the A pillar rust was discovered when taking the windshield out for repaint.
  12. tanda62, Three years ago I had an MSD system put on my '76 with a 400 SBC. I have an MSD distributor and spark box as well. Other than the inline electric fuel pump crapping out in under a year, the system's been trouble free.
  13. Gunslinger, that's what I'm remembering. Thanks Regnabob for pulling it up.
  14. For some reason, I got a hitch and put it on the '64 Avanti back in '66-'69. I installed it myself. As I remember, it had a couple of U bolts that attached to the rear frame crossmember and two flat stock pieces the veed from the hitch bar up to the rear bumper vertical supports for attachment. Why I bought it, I have no idea. I most likely only used it a few times, and sorry, no pictures.
  15. I thought that I had seen on Fakebook that Alice had also had a newer Avanti convertible on the GM or Mustang platform. Does anyone know?
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