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  1. wdaly

    Avanti Survey!

    This Pantera928 guy got the 'correct' answer on the First Try! What's that all about (prey tell).🤔
  2. wdaly

    Avanti Hinge!

    OK - I was going to let this go (but) I don't think the '89,s had these (at least not the convertible I saw). It had hydraulic lifts.
  3. wdaly

    Avanti Pipe!

    4) Welcome Back! 😃
  4. You can't put a price $ on a Good Time!😳
  5. 1964 model year.
  6. I saw a Youtube video for checking the smaller speedo cable on the GM cars. They attached the engine compartment cable end to a drill (I think in reverse mode)- with another person viewing the speedometer in the dash they started the drill to check the operation - if this smaller cable was the problem. The actual cable is a springy metal. The lubricant was a graphite powder (?). It sure would be nice/easy if you could simply pour some graphite into the cable cover and then use light air pressure to distribute it / no need to remove the actual speedometer gauge.......... 😑
  7. Once again (from memory) you should be able to reach one end of the speedo cable from the engine compartment very top left corner (driver side/windshield). I'm pretty sure a cable from the transmission attaches to another cable to the speedo. This should be a 'typical' GM (Monte Carlo-type) set up. In my case I used the location of the 'mating' to convert from speedo cable to electrical wiring for a Digital Gauge. This area should be in the engine compartment right in front of the Driver's location. edit: OK, as far as the exact location of the mating connector - follow the cable from the transmission up to the engine compartment and you'll run into it. HOWEVER I may be wrong about thinking you can pull the speedo cable out from engine bay from the actual gauge as this cable may only be removed from the instrument gauge side which would require Removal of the dash gauge. At any rate if you do get the small cable out (not the one coming from the transmission) simply greasing it with speedo cable lubricant should fix the problem!🤪
  8. I thought the 'original' cars had a speaker in the middle of the rear deck that when removed would allow removal of the sending unit. That said, the 87's & 88's don't have the center speaker but I thought I recall the sending units available from the regular AOAI excellent vendors was 'hinged' in such a way as to make installation possible without removing the rear deck! As far as the "gray sealant" - that may have been added by the former owner for reasons including gas smell. You will want to purchase the rubber seal that seals that hole area / once again available from the good vendors (I'm pretty sure it's the same seal as used on the earlier Avantis.)😳
  9. DON'T give up just yet! That fiberglass panel Can be removed. As I recall, you should see screws all around the edge of this panel. Once removed you will find the gas tank.
  10. That was the car in the hotel lobby. Looking at these pictures reminds me that Avanti was still ahead of it's time!
  11. Thanks for the update - look'n GOOD!😊
  12. I counted 17 on Friday with one AVX on display in the hotel lobby! VERY COOL
  13. wdaly

    1962 Avantis!

    I Love It! If you WIN we'll get you Real Orange juice (you supply the Vodka)🤪
  14. wdaly

    "B" Series!

    Just that - we missed you😁
  15. WAIT - you allow your Wife IN the Car!😳
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