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  1. I always thought they were from the donor car.
  2. Have you tried an Exorcist?😐
  3. If the driver side is not up at all try pounding on the corner of the hood by the driver side with a closed fist going down - it may pop open.
  4. I have my evaporator core out for repair and your photos of the HVAC box are a BIG help thank you.  One question pertaining to the blend door to the left of the evaporator core.  My actuator was missing and I found a replacement. When vacuum is applied and the actuator pulls, which position should the blend door be in? Should it close the top opening above the heator core, or close the opening when air flows under the heater core.  I not sure which way to mount the acutator as the old one has been long gone.  Thanks!

    1. wdaly


      Boy - let me rack my brain on this (I don't have the car anymore).  Firstly, the blend door actuator is actually controlled manually (as I recall) from the position of the lever that slides from cool to hot on the HVAC control panel.  You should be able to figure out which way is which - for instance when moving the lever towards cool check to see which way the end of the control cable (that attaches to the actuator) moves.

      I hope I understood the problem.

    2. wdaly


      You know I recall that the heater control cable was also attached to the back of the HVAC control to manually move when the temp lever was moved from hot to cold and this also had the blend door cable attached so they moved together.  I forgot about that since long ago I had removed the original heater control broken cable totally and installed a separate control for that using a simple choke-type cable.

    3. Jim S

      Jim S

      That makes sense.  But I wonder how they attached two cables to that control panel?  I like the choke cable idea if I can find a way to mount it so it looks decent.  Thanks for you help! This car has been a all out nightmare to deal with.

  5. I always thought it would be cool if an Avanti trailer was made available (rear part of car made into a small trailer). What gave me this thought was many years ago seeing a Plymouth Prowler(?) passing me on the freeway when all of a sudden another Prowler was right on his tail!😵 A Prowler trailer.
  6. Don't think this has any connection with Chrysler. I got a new heater core for my '88 from one of our great suppliers years ago - he bought all the factory excess from Youngstown. Can't recall his name but he was from Wixom, MI. He just might have the evap for you!
  7. wdaly

    Door locked

    I've been trying to remember - I think my door wouldn't open from the inside so 'playing' with the latch mechanism (lifting with flat head screwdriver) while pulling on interior door handle and pushing out lightly. In the end I guess a small spring on the latch mechanism was worn out.
  8. wdaly

    Door locked

    If I'm understanding correctly - you cannot manually unlock either door from the outside because of no key. Also, the passenger door has lock mechanism issues. I would suggest removing the interior door panel on the passenger side to see what is going on (including rusted parts). Then you could also have the locksmith make a new key using the passenger side lock. If you can't even open the passenger door there should be a small opening at the edge of the door on the inside where you can use a screwdriver to manipulate the locking/latching device (play with it).
  9. You should be able to 'pry' any of the switches out easily to verify usage.
  10. What about the 5 mph bumper collision impact (shock absorber system)?
  11. Reminds me of the time many years ago when I had to get my mandatory emissions check from Wisconsin and the lady inspector said I failed do to a lack of a charcoal canister. I had to point it out to her (hidden nicely)!😎
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