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    1988 Coupe (bought New) given to charity 11/17.and I was notified was purchased.

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  1. That was the car in the hotel lobby. Looking at these pictures reminds me that Avanti was still ahead of it's time!
  2. Thanks for the update - look'n GOOD!😊
  3. I counted 17 on Friday with one AVX on display in the hotel lobby! VERY COOL
  4. wdaly

    1962 Avantis!

    I Love It! If you WIN we'll get you Real Orange juice (you supply the Vodka)πŸ€ͺ
  5. wdaly

    "B" Series!

    Just that - we missed you😁
  6. WAIT - you allow your Wife IN the Car!😳
  7. I remember, at least for the 88's, them using an 'old' guy promoting the fine hand finishing of the dash wood.
  8. GREAT - now you want me to Think!!!πŸ˜†
  9. That's a Long and Beautiful relationship!
  10. wdaly

    Avanti Fly In!

    That song came a few years later........😜
  11. wdaly

    1990 Avanti!

    Would you care to expand on that - what were the 'pieces'?
  12. Where are my meds when I need them?😚
  13. I'll wait for Panteraninetwentyeight.......☺️
  14. wdaly

    Paxton Cooler!

    OK - now my head hurtsπŸ€•
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