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  1. It is an electric motor that drives a hydralic pump at least in my -87
  2. Swampboy posted a topic in 2001-2007 Avanti models: Good news; I think I've found solutions to my quest to replace the window sweeps on my 1988 Avanti Convertible, so I'm passing on these resources to forum members who might need the same. I found this video by "tuscancmh" on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQdvpEwl2ro This video covers changing sweeps on a 1989 Caprice bodied Avanti, but procedure and parts are the same for 87-90. Here's a place to purchase the sweeps - www.ocautocarpets.com and directly to the item: https://www.ocautocarpets.com/wn-product/beltline-kit-front-door-12pc-19384/1988/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw7pKFBhDUARIsAFUoMDZJWZM0l5KdJ_HhhFjKBJ_W5poQHZNzWgb3jDyX0F0puxZPFkijoyAaAtK_EALw_wcB The sweeps fit the Monte Carlo and Caprice platforms. I've ordered them, but have not rec'd shipment yet. If there are any problems, I'll let pass it on. I hope this is helpful should you need it. Swampboy did it worked out with the parts you ordered? I am planning to change my side window sweeps to, but as I have to get the shipped to Europe I want to know that they are good replacement parts. Intresting video, it is not a"bult on" operation.
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