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  1. Darn, I wish I knew that trick before I took mine apart to replace with the inferior new ones.
  2. The felt was worn on my front window channels that are riveted to the vent windows. I purchased new channels from SI. Unfortunately, that were poorly made and did not fit right at all. The top piece that should slide into the top of the vent window frame was way too wide. After filing it down enough to fit, it just broke off. Also the arc is wrong so the glass does not slide freely enough. I had to just eat the cost and give up on these things. So I hope maybe someone has a pair of good used ones (complete assembly) with reasonably good felt left in them that is affordable. It's an 87 convertible Moneypit model. Thanks! I'm also looking for a someone in the lower Alabama/Mississippi/Florida area that is real good at body work on these things. I have hit a brick wall trying to get the doors to fit properly on this car. I need professional help.
  3. I don't know how you reach the sending units on the coupe body. But on my 87 convertible, the sending unit and fuel tank is easily accessed through the trunk. You can lift and turn the sending unit and work it out and back in.
  4. Thanks Thom! ( Sorry it took me a while to read up on your reply!
  5. I have the 87 convertible. I have yet to find what they used for the windshield pillar door seal. Mine are in horrible shape. They are a very thick rubber and standard Avanti seals do not fit.
  6. Thank-you, In the end, we replaced the top trim piece with an identical sized vinyl stick on! It holds and looks better than the stainless one!
  7. Unfortunately, there is no helper spring. I have no idea why it's not there. I don't know if there's a way to wind it up if I were to find a spring someplace.
  8. The heater controls on my 87 Convertible seem to be from a Dodge truck according matching a picture of mine to images I found online. However, I have yet to track down what the HVAC box was sourced from. Does anyone know where they got this out of? The vent control vacuum actuator lever broke off the casing on mine. Thanks all.
  9. On the second try we took out the glass and put in the trim top and bottom in the gasket. We taped it in and put the glass back in the car. It still pops out! The top piece has nothing to hold it in the rubber. I don't understand how anyone can install this thing to stay put. I have been to 3 windshield places and no one has seen an assembly like this on a gasket style windshield. My car is grounded tfn.
  10. I had a new windshield installed in my 87. The glass and gasket went in fine as did the lower stainless trim. The lower trim has a 90 degree bend on the channel insert that holds it in place. However, the top trim does not. We have tried everything to seat it, but it won't go and stay down. Any tips? Thanks!
  11. My 87 Convertible has really slow, tight door windows. I have to pull them up whilst holding down the power switch or the motor will shut down. I installed a new front glide. And I cleaned and re-lubed the rear track and glass rollers. I have tried every adjustment and cannot get the glass to sit level either. When fully raised, the rear end sits higher than the front end. I've never had more troublesome power windows in all the cars I've ever owned. Thanks for any and all tips.
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