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  1. Thanks Thom! ( Sorry it took me a while to read up on your reply!
  2. I have the 87 convertible. I have yet to find what they used for the windshield pillar door seal. Mine are in horrible shape. They are a very thick rubber and standard Avanti seals do not fit.
  3. Thank-you, In the end, we replaced the top trim piece with an identical sized vinyl stick on! It holds and looks better than the stainless one!
  4. Unfortunately, there is no helper spring. I have no idea why it's not there. I don't know if there's a way to wind it up if I were to find a spring someplace.
  5. The heater controls on my 87 Convertible seem to be from a Dodge truck according matching a picture of mine to images I found online. However, I have yet to track down what the HVAC box was sourced from. Does anyone know where they got this out of? The vent control vacuum actuator lever broke off the casing on mine. Thanks all.
  6. On the second try we took out the glass and put in the trim top and bottom in the gasket. We taped it in and put the glass back in the car. It still pops out! The top piece has nothing to hold it in the rubber. I don't understand how anyone can install this thing to stay put. I have been to 3 windshield places and no one has seen an assembly like this on a gasket style windshield. My car is grounded tfn.
  7. I had a new windshield installed in my 87. The glass and gasket went in fine as did the lower stainless trim. The lower trim has a 90 degree bend on the channel insert that holds it in place. However, the top trim does not. We have tried everything to seat it, but it won't go and stay down. Any tips? Thanks!
  8. I noticed the door panels go all the way to the edge of the door and there's a chrome plate around the latch. My 87 panels are very different and go about an inch short of the edge of the door with no latch plate. Can anyone answer why this is? My panels appear to be original, but perhaps they are not.
  9. Thank-you Ed, I got it loosened some, but it's still slow going up. The regulator has a roller pin on one side and the other end has a hole with a stud attached to a skinny roller. I do not think that was original.
  10. My 87 Convertible has really slow, tight door windows. I have to pull them up whilst holding down the power switch or the motor will shut down. I installed a new front glide. And I cleaned and re-lubed the rear track and glass rollers. I have tried every adjustment and cannot get the glass to sit level either. When fully raised, the rear end sits higher than the front end. I've never had more troublesome power windows in all the cars I've ever owned. Thanks for any and all tips.
  11. I do have that. I just wanted to have the original (or reproduction) of the factory serial plate with company name and location.
  12. The VIN sticker is missing on my 87 convertible. I don't even know where it originally was placed. Does it go on the door pillar or on top of the cowl? In any case Does any of the vendors sell a reproduction blank sticker for the 87 South Bend models? I'd like to get one. This is my VIN: 12AAV2220H1000059 and I think it's a South Bend model, but I am not sure. Thanks
  13. Thank-you to everyone with all the good tips. I solved the issue. I did a voltage check where the starter switch wire attaches to the solenoid. Whilst my wife turned the key, I measured voltage and found when it did not engage, I only had 6volts! So after tracing the three red battery wires from the big square connector on the top of the cowl, I found the issue. Down behind the distributer, the previous owner had 4 wire breaks butt connected poorly and corroded. One of them even had a short piece of 16 gauge wire in between the butt splices! All of course hidden under electrical tape. I re-spliced, soldered and sealed with heat shrink. And wallah! Strong perfect starts every time. Finding hidden masterpieces of these hot messes is never ending!
  14. Yes, the starter was a completely new assembly (not a rebuilt) with solenoid and drive. All the ground straps around the engine and bell housing I cleaned and tightened too.
  15. My 87 has intermittent problems engaging the starter when I turn the key. I have replaced: the battery, new Delco Gold starter, new Delco ignition switch, new ignition lock, new battery cables new neutral safety switch and I replaced the terminals on all the starter switch to solenoid wires. But every now and then, when I turn the ignition key, I hear the solenoid click but the starter does not turn. After a few more tries, the starter will engage and the engine fires up. I don't know what I could be missing that makes this starting system unreliable.
  16. It's at the bottom of the steering column near the firewall (interior side) It's also the neutral safety lockout switch.
  17. I'm installing a new shifter in my 87 and for the life of me I cannot locate the back-up light switch. Is it the connector on the left side of the transmisson by the linkage? Or is it on the steering column? The wiring diagram is useless. All it says is the wire to the lights is lite green. Thanks all.
  18. Great info Thanks! I have done pretty much what you have done at this point. The only thing I did not do was bending the clamp at the shifter to lesson the bind at park. I will look into that and see if I can make that adjustment too.
  19. Thanks for the info Jim. Glad to know I'm not alone in this issue. I'll look forward to hearing how your new cable works. I just did some searching and it appears the shifter is a mid 80's Camaro/Firebird shifter. And the cable for that is 29" which would be a bit long for the Avanti. It also has a stud instead of a loop at the transmission end.
  20. I have gone through 3 shifter cables in a month! They pull apart at the ferules when going into Park. I was left stranded in Phoenix, AZ last week on a cross country road trip. I had to take the car to a repair shop since I did not have my own tools and a jack! The guys at the shop noticed the bracket that holds the cable on the transmission was set too far back. So they cut and welded it so it was forward about an inch. It goes into Park OK, but not first! I can live with that, but I like things right if I can manage. Does anyone know what vehicle and year the shifter they used came out of? Mine does not even have a gear indicator or a light, so one has to put it in gear by feel. I was sleeping and my wife drove 150 miles in third gear! $3.75 a gallon for gas, ouch!
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