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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh............
  2. Merry Christmas to You "mfg"!🙂
  3. wdaly

    AOAI Magazine

    I left a copy of one of my magazines at my neighbor's door. He texted me back and said he had no idea the publication existed and was really impressed!
  4. Didn't they have Paxton super charger? Also I think the gauges were digital. Not sure how they got the extra length. When I went to buy my first (and only) Avanti at the One dealership in Wisconsin, they had a Convertible and an LSC on display (Aug. 1988). I wanted a coupe so they got one from Chicago I think. Also I think the LSC was like an anniversary car (25th) and I think there were something like 50? built.
  5. I went to a snow-plow outfit in my area. They install and specialtiy fabricate (when required). Lot's of welding going on there. They made a hitch for my '88 and declared it good for 2000# max. The Monte Carlo frame would not accept a regular hitch as the frame was cut-off about a foot from the factory!
  6. A version of a Social Credit System?
  7. I see you ALL the time (with good insight) - what do you have to do to get a higher rating - is there a secret handshake..........? Me: Joined in 2004 "Newbie" (1/14). I won't live long enough to get anywhere near the Top! At least I've got a '0' Reputation - so I've got that going for me.
  8. Did you replace All of the (front & rear) park/tail/turn/brake (2 front - 2 rear) bulbs with LED or just one of the rear (left or right) bulbs with LED? Did you convert the turn signals to prevent hyperflashing with load resistors or LED capable flasher? 1. With all lights Off - does the brake light work? 2. With headlights On - does the brake light work? Do you notice any difference in brightness between brake or turn signal and tail light function?
  9. USAF 1964-68. Vietnam July '66-67.
  10. I was going to 'guess' Wixco - this is why I don't gamble!
  11. The NZ member (I know of) did a body-off frame restoration with a '87 or '88 using the original body & frame to reassemble.
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