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Almost done with my 63 R3 RestoMod project so I decided to share a few photos.  This car may not be appreciated by the authenticity minded but it is my vision of an Avanti HotRod.  I started with a 63 R2 with a four speed and made numerous upgrades and alterations.  Below is a short list of some  of the major changes.

  • Mustang II front suspension with tubular control arms, coilovers and power rack and pinion
  • GM Disk brakes on all four wheels with dual master cylinder
  • Studebaker R3 engine built to spec, dino- 400hp
  • Tremec TKX 5-speed transmission
  • Complete leather interior, emulating original design
  • Speed Hut digital gauges simulating original analog gauges




R3658 Frame - R3.jpg

R3 .jpg

R3  int....jpg

R3 ENG.jpg

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RQB3263/81/305   YES  great job... I love the hood scoop ...would solve many clearance problems .... Do you believe (is it possible) the Mustang  front suspension could be installed with the body on the frame ??  THANKS ....BILL in Fl

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I purchased a Mustang II front suspension stub from Fat Man (https://www.fatmanfab.com/mustang-ii-mii-stub-suspensions).  They have them built specifically to fit the Lark/Avanti frame.  Others make similar but not sure if they are specific for Lark/Avanti.  Also, not sure you can do this with the body on the frame as a lot of cutting and welding is required.  See Photos, wish I could make them smaller but not s

I built a jig to ensure alignment and placement of the engine mounts before any cutting.  After the new stub was welded in place, had the whole frame powder coated and then installed the suspension and steering rack.  I also had to use new connectors on the steering column as old ones did not align with the new steering box.   You can get parts for this from Flaming River (https://www.flamingriver.com)
Also important to note that this change will significantly lower the front end of the  car, providing a significant rake.  If you don't like that you might ask Fat Man how to prevent.  The custom cowl induction hood did provide  adiitonal  and necessary clearance for the R3 airbox and hopefully will provide for more air flow through the engine bay.


IMG_0411 copy.jpeg

IMG_0413 copy.jpeg

Picture 014 copy.jpeg

IMG_0559 copy.jpeg

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RQB3263/81/305   well beautiful job...it looks great .... I have aged out of projects this size ....  well 25 yrs ago for sure .and i am glad there are folks still carrying on the  hot rod tradition ... you have done a great job ...thanks for sharing ....BILL in Fl

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1 hour ago, fud said:

Thanks for the information.  I was hoping beyond hope that there was a way to just weld the "A" arms to the existing frame.  My goal is to give my 1982 some rake without changing the rear tires or front springs or find drop spindles witch is probable impossible.  Howard


Howard, try calling Fat Man, they are very knowledgeable, helpful and easy to work with.  They  may have some ideas to do what you want.        Jim

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