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  1. One of the first things I did was to replace all that stuff 15 years ago. Especially on a plastic car.
  2. The seats turned out well.
  3. Kevin Orloff is reproducing these from standard pans, they look really good. Mine was massaged with hammer & dolly work + lead filler for $200!
  4. Modern counterfeit brake switches are documented ad nauseam. Old stock or Harley switch.
  5. Am interested in how faithful a repro these are.
  6. Bigger than the May Studebaker meet!
  7. It's that TIME Folks! I'm going to check out the action Wed. PM
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/281765004296?hash=item419a80c408:g:WTEAAMXQBuNQ50~k Just do a search: Dana 44
  9. This site has been really quiet. Who is planning to attend and will any of the vendors be there?
  10. Are correct foam cushions available? I am headed this way in the future as well.
  11. After having gone through my fair share of Eaton pumps, I do not believe what is pictured is a factory washer. Be careful with the new seal kit, they include top seals that will block the cover vent, creating a new vent where the front seal is!
  12. Looking around, thanks!
  13. Great stuff! Thanks Kindly. 🙂
  14. I was told that the location of the Automatic ring gear greatly complicate things. Trying to remove the starter with R3 headers... Well, this is a family place!
  15. Aircraft supply companies will have the correct size. Naturally!
  16. Bumping this thread. I also have the 976 heads on my R2. However, I have flat top pistons and this engine has composite gaskets. I do not know who built it. What am I to suppose my compression ratio is? Before I redo these heads, I am actively searching for the correct 582 heads which I read to be 67 ccs. Sounds like at least a step in the right direction? If my bores & pistons check out OK, I could easily trim a few ccs out of the correct heads in the course of chamber work, this should put me in much better shape than I am now? What do the experts think?
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