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Dash Pads?


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There is a very good, step-by-step 7 page article on Avanti dash pad replacement in Avanti Magazine Issue 189, winter/spring 2020, replacing the dash pad that is made by Nostalgic Motorcars using original molds and tooling.   Here is the first page of the article:

Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 11.56.35 PM.jpg


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While you have to be careful...dash pad replacement isn't bad.  The procedure is pretty straightforward but it helps to have small hands and be very limber.  While you have the dash out, take the opportunity to replace every light bulb for every gauge as well as the radio.  The cost to do so is negligible and a real pain to do so one at a time with the dash in place.  

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Glue: I ponied up the money for Nostalgic's pad. Which vinyl glue seems to work best? I was considering RH Adhesives HH-66. I'll ask Dan Booth, but figured I'd make this a place holder in case he was hit by a bus. [answer: weldwood contact cement]

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