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Torque box (hog trough) replacement


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I had one of the Avantis on the lift and noticed that the driver's side torque box is starting to go. So, it's time to consider replacing.  I have contacted George Dimitsas and ordered a set of torque boxes. I also have a pair of rockers and some bonding strips. This Avanti is due for paint, so I don't have any concerns there. 

In an issue of the AOAI magazine, I found a couple of articles on replacement.  Additionally, there is some info on the internet. However, everything I have found relates to the multi-piece Classic Enterprises install. Can someone point me to information on Installing the one piece box?

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When I did the one's on my 74 I cut the rocker panels off as you can see in this post. The bolts holding the HT's on must be removed from the area inside the car just in front of the rear armrests. 


Here's some thoughts from Bob Johnstone's site on the topic. Be to click on the links under the HT pictures.


Bob's site will have other thoughts on the topic also.


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Thanks, bookmarked those 2 pages already. As near as I can tell, need to remove rockers and open behind the rear seat area to reach the bolts to the roll bar. Is there anything in the front by the "A" pillars?


George said to call when I have questions.  It is quite a blessing to have knowledgeable people like George Dimitsas, Dan Booth, Dave Thibeault, Bob Ziff, etal to rely on.

A special thanks to Bob Johnstone for maintaining his site.

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