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  1. Check out the pictures in post #29 of this topic. There may be more on Bob Johnstone's website where I found this one. https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/general-studebaker-specific-discussion/1882149-studebaker-avanti-front-seats
  2. Avanti83


    These are my go-to folks for decent LEDS. Superbrightleds, their quality has been consistently high and prices reasonable in my experience. https://www.superbrightleds.com/cat/vehicle-lights
  3. To get the tank out you need to remove the 1/4" NPT angle hose adapter from the bottom of the tank. If it is blocking the fuel flow and not something above you can dump the current contents of the tank directly out of the opening. I would personally assume that the gas would drain when I removed the fitting and be prepared for the contents to flow out. If they don't come out you can screw a 1/4" pipe plug into the hole and remove the tank. It sounds like the tank needs to come out but be prepared as you do it. There are a pair of baffles welded to the front and rear walls of the tank and if you could get the fuel sender out you might get a good look inside before you pull the tank. I just don't recall how difficult it could be to pull the sender.
  4. If the frame can be repaired locally then I'd probably go that route. I'm not sure about all new panels but my guess would be they are all from original molds. Dan Booth from Nostalgic Motors in Wixom, Michigan has most of the remaining NOS parts. Personally, my choice of parts would be based on availability and then cost rather than the source of them. Nothing wrong with used parts if they in good shape and available.
  5. As above, the frames will interchange. I notice you haven't shown any damage behind the windshield and if the front door to front fender gaps are any indication (They are about as good as an Avanti gets) then the repairs would limited to the front panels. The hood even looks salvageable. Remember, these cars are brittle and what looks like a lot of damage may not be as bad as you think. The need for a new frame says there was more damage lower down but the panels you need are available and probably the best way to go as you'll need to ship them over. I'm curious about the need for a new engine as the damage your car has generally leaves the engine and trans in decent shape. You might look at this as an opportunity to get the new frame and suspension all renewed and then set a great looking body back on it.
  6. Attention to detail is great. That is about the nicest fitted Avanti interior I've seen. Excellent work.
  7. They should all be the same style but the differences are amp output, drive pulley style and how they are "clocked" to the mount. The two options I would start with are 80 Camaro and the 80 Caprice. The Camaro is the best start as they have a low hood line like the Avanti. Just take the old one with you and the hunt shouldn't be difficult.
  8. Avanti83


    One option, call Dan Booth at Nostalgic motors in Wixom, Mi. He has a large collection of new parts and also a fair number of old parts. There's also one on Ebay for a decent price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/123999769335?hash=item1cdef652f7:g:3qYAAOSwgiVd6GKU&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAsGO0CqUPWRLObJeMJg7x%2Fq1XerL0mMr1tmaVWf2N75Z0yLJTDH8ZOFeqRCa3sO5buwQ5t1tSWML33PJn1IDmqMuOWh7yHM0O%2FVrEi%2Ffh7hB%2B5f7tW6IXzjGLgyQQd8nDDHN39T7Yone6E2jYtc2B14m6QaOm7AxhXsAbq0ibiXGfUTtv0W89df8Rttt892hEKr8I3iA6Ot2cmCaFrZAShLrBNJnBi1o9WpsfMcqmRPVc|tkp%3ABk9SR-T2ut2HYQ
  9. If the width is correct the only other dimension would be axle housing diameter. The 9" may be larger in diameter but that will just require a few modified parts. Shouldn't be a big deal.
  10. https://www.studebakervendors.com/ This is a list of Studebaker vendors which you'll possibly need in the future. For your part, I'd try Nostalgic, Myers, SI and possibly Stephen Allen. Nostalgic is all Avanti and the others carry a fair number of Avanti Parts.
  11. Both my 74 and 83 came with literature much like you posted. What I'm missing is the folder you showed. I'll add a shot of the owners paperwork I got with my 74 and a second one from my 83.
  12. Here's some discussion on the aerodynamics of the Avanti and 53 coupe. https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/tech-talk/59543-aerodynamic-flow-resistance-of-studebaker-cars https://aoai.org/forums/topic/544-aerodynamics/ A 2019 Ram 4X2 1500 is .356 for reference. Carry on
  13. It does look good. A nice addition to the original styling.
  14. Correct. Be sure he knows the timing both initial and final before he pulls the original distributor. That will give him a starting point when he replaces it. During the 70 and 80's GM did some funny things particularly with initial timing on emissions engines. I suspect he will end up with a bit more initial advance than the computer is running but it's not hard to sort out when he gets the new dissy installed. Let us know how it turns out. BTW, welcome back and I also miss Gary on the forum.
  15. Yes as it's the most straight forward route. Like Bruce, I'd generally replace the intake and cam but that's not in the cards here. Generally places like Summit Racing have brand name and also lower cost distributors. The brand names can cost a bit but they are usually good quality. I've run a couple lower cost distributors from Summit and others with good results if price is an issue.
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