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    Gray 4-speed. R2 1963 #R4543A. Las Vegas Avanti Driveaway.

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  1. Hi John C, Thanks!πŸ‘ I didnt think clearly. Im restorig my R2 and now it is without driveshaft. Ofcourse easy to check Axel Ratio. http://www.how-to-build-hotrods.com/gear-ratio.html
  2. Hi, I need to buy new Speedometer Pinion. I had 19 teeth but not sure is it correct. How to know what is my R2 Axel Ratio? I dont have plate which shows that. SI dont have 19 teeth, only 18 and 21. 19 teeth is for 3.73
  3. Hi again. Sorry... found from Parts Catalogue. 526830 3/16" (w/air cond.)
  4. Im curious... Are coil spring spacers only for -64 A/C version? I dont see those from -63 Parts Catalogue.
  5. Owner's guide says that Camber is set at factory 1/2 degrees greater on the drivers side than the other side. Reason? Driver + heavy battery + steering? Or...?
  6. πŸ‘Thank you Mox. I will check what I have now.
  7. Thank you. This is clear πŸ‘
  8. Firewall Liner 63-64. Did original have that? I dont find from Authenticity guide. I assume it is ment to be used in engine side.
  9. Thanks. I think you are right - not nice in a speed. Back roof is even higer than windshield. Vinyl suits fine if user likes luxury. Myself I like more aggressive and sporty style.
  10. One-off Targa Roof. Raymond Loewy designs that were never put into production. Was this from Loewy's pen? True or false? I dont have answer but maybe you have.
  11. Hi. I found Moog variable springs for 1963 from Avantiparts. I understand that "variable" is same as progressive spring and works soft > tight. I dont know the height. https://avantiparts.biz/coil-springs-h-d-front-avanti-63-to-85-526134/ Standard Avanti -63 springs are 526135 and the free height is 14 5/8 (by SI). My old ones are 526135*MC and maybe old which makes them about 1/2" shorter. Do you have experience how Moog ones work? Do they change stance/rake comparing standard ones?
  12. Hard to belive that these where working and looked nice... but inside.πŸ™„ Result after 58 years. Time to rebuilt these. Great thing is that Bob has relesed a help. https://studebaker-info.org/Tech/brakes/dunlop/dunlopreb/diskbrakes07.html
  13. Hi! If the Turquoise which you see in my previous first post is standard stance/rake, then the other which is in the Trade Unique Cars -article ( which has been lowered), my conclusion is the article ones front is 2" lowered I think. My choise will be standard back and 1" lower front. Images are edited by me. Not for commercial use.
  14. Race and speed vehicles drivers and riders dont look back. Everythig is ahead 🀣
  15. No, no. Not a silly. I prefer oginal vehicles as they where. If I want something better I buy new one. I think its very important to respect history and vehicle culture including all discomfort it had.πŸ‘ Nom de plume "save vehicle culture"
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