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  1. Hi, I have in my R2: 535976 Heads (from -57-58 Hawk). Thats what here is said https://www.studebaker-info.org/Tech/Heads/Headcasting.html I have understood that they work with R2. Do they? Some discussion about this here: https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/general-studebaker-specific-discussion/68896-special-r2-heads-on-ebay Before I open the engine better to know are there special details to check and be sure that they work with R2 Supercharger. My block number is RS2482 and should be correct. Intake Manifold 12 4 S. Thanks to Sudebaker Avanti Authenticy Manual by Alan Basile. Everybody should bought this two manuals before by any Avantis. 👍 (I didnt do that)
  2. Thank you Gunslinger. Im newbie with Avanti. Lot of questions.😃
  3. Hi, Wondering. Is this Front Bottom "Spoiler" option part or custom made by owner? I know that earlie Avatis did not have grill. But have not seen "a small spoiler". https://www.theavanti.com/
  4. Do you have a price? Photo? Send PM if you want.
  5. Hi again.
    Here you see close photo captured from the film. I have edited the photo making tank more visible.
    To me looks also slimmer that later versions. Original first version tank or not. Who knows.🤔close-tank-museum.jpg.c8ec404b2122f0b3dd781bd697b3217a.jpg

  6. Thank you Dwight. I red from SDC Forum your text.👍
    More about tank position...
    Noticed that museum version is not turned (like mine perhaps) because cap is rear side. If you turned the top, cap will be front (like mine). Museum version shape loks also different.970343375_Nayttokuva2021-9-23kello17_34_19.png.5e5175e3bae50aff26399e6642f197ca.png
    Top of my tank are letters PRMCO
    First picture is captured from Youtube Museum film. One mine and one "correct" one.

    KR Leo Belik (Leo B)



  7. I have checked from web how Carter for R2 looks and seems that I have correct upper side and wrong bottom 3578S. To me seems hybrid. I dont know how well this works. Please help. Where to get correct one?
  8. Yes. Thank you. I find that same info from web now. But… top of carburetor has Studebaker label. Could this be hybrid? Is this usefull or need to buy new one which works with R2.
  9. Hi, Please help. More amazing in my -63 R2 (supercharged) I dont know when this has been done. Before or after Paxton has been broken. Also I know that heads has been changed (hopelly to correct ones. need to be checked later) I have suspicion that I have wrong carburetor in my R2. 2A 3578S ???? This is also without Kicker and Bracket + Hose and Pipe. I have the Cross but hole for the pipe for Kicker is closed. Strange it has Studebaker label. Is this correct to R2 Supercharged? Not listed in parts catalogue.
  10. Hi, I looked the tank closely and you are Dwight right. Seems that rebuilt wrongly. In bad condition also as you see from photo. Better to get a good one which might be hard to find. If you find or know where to get, I will be happy. About Hood Liner: Yes its wrong and bad looking. Should be removed. About Tank: In my opinion, that tank is just a "filling tank" with a visible surface level and a pressure regulating radiator cap. As the pressure increases then the radiator (tank) releases pressure out of the hose of the cap root. Radiator (the tank) is not sealed all the time. The tank should be filled with coolant 1-1 / 2" below the top like basic radiator. (check manual)
  11. Hi, Please help. I have this Surge Tank in my Avanti R2 -63. To me seems to be wrong one. Touching also hood/bonnet and body is not even low. I dont find original one in good shape. Is the 1963-1969 Surge Tank Eliminator Kit SI offers, correct and good choice? (untill I find good original one)
  12. I have two holes for rear seat fastening. No holes for seat belts which I don't have. Nothing like you show in the circle. Check attached photos.
  13. Hi, Found! Here as attached fike.
  14. Hi, I saw a page or list Avanti production quantity per color. I dont find it again. I have Avanti Grey and interested to know the number in 1963 model. Should be original color.
  15. Hi, Thank you all. Rebuilt SN92 is on its way. 👍
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