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  1. Good to know if somebody changes the Vin Number Plate and make a fake. There is a correct hidden one.😁
  2. If you didnt know. You find hidden vin number between the shocks upper mounts holes in rear cross member. Thanks to article by Jon Myer which I found from studebaker-info.org. Here is mine R4543. Same as in front frame plate.
  3. Hope this helps https://www.studebaker-info.org/AOAI/AOAI82/aoai82p36.html and https://www.studebaker-info.org/Avanti/Tech/Dash/awsbodyp20.html
  4. Watch out! This is what a 60 year old fuel hose looks like when I took it off.
  5. Return spring is situated correctly like in this photo. + Throttle Spring to Manifold Valve Cover Bracket 536596
  6. Hi, I have leaner that about 18 would be nice. If more... good. More: https://www.onallcylinders.com/2015/05/08/quick-tech-how-to-read-a-vacuum-gauge-to-pinpoint-engine-problems/
  7. When I bought new water pump, cam shaft timing gear, I bought also new fan shroud, belts and this fan clutch and result is normal "noise/music". https://www.parts123.com/parts123/dyndetail.pta?catalog=0001003a&uKeY=AAECZ Edit. If you have stethoscope check also sound from timing gear.
  8. How about this? MAG-1 Type F https://mag1.com/products/transmission-fluids/passenger-car-automatic-transmission-fluid/mag-1-type-f-automatic-transmission-fluid/
  9. Hi, Please tell... Which T-5 Speed Borg-Warner/Tremec model is an alternative to the original 4-speed gearbox?
  10. How long? Time and distance are not important. Drive with warm/hot engine using avarage driving speed and normal engine load. Stop and turn off the engine (less idle the better). Light tan or brown is nice. Some plugs will be lighter and some darker. This is normal. About crankcase ventilation... Please read Workshop Manual / Engine page 5 and 6. Dont do any changes. Please check this article https://www.championautoparts.com/Parts-Matter/automotive-repair-and-maintenance/how-to-read-spark-plugs.html
  11. In older engines and racing engines, the breath is not directed back from oilpan or valve cover to the combustion chamber/carburetor. The crankcases and covers breathe directly out through their own filters. Racing cars want as clean and oxygen-rich air as possible into the combustion chamber. But in our standard cars, the different is not so urgent. So keep it like it is. Works like 64studeavanti wrote. You can only read rough values from the plug regardless of whether the mixture is too rich or too lean. Today's fuel no longer gives coffee brown color. Test plugs are available with which the richness of the fuel can be adjusted reasonably well. Search on google: Gunson Colortune Spark Plug Tester. But this way the problem will be youll find that one cylinder is richer or leaner than the other and endless tuning with eights plugs. Good tool in one or two cylinder engine (motorcycle). You need best total solution. The best way to find the correct adjustment (do it yourself) is https://actron.com/content/engine-performance-testing-vacuum-gauge These are the things I have learned. If anyone can add or correct, please let me know.
  12. Hi again. I just remember one thing which makes loud sound - Bad Timing Gear. Also note that Stude Avanti 289 uses aluminium gear which is not the quietest. I had classic Volvo and tested three different timing gears; Fiber, aluminium and steel. Huge differences. Fiber had very soft sound and steel like airplane turbo sound. I think that fiber do not stand 289 power. Aluminium is used also in classic sport Volvos. Steel in race Volvos. Bad and dry timing gear will make very loud sound. I use Mechanic's Stethoscope to find where the sound comes.
  13. Does it spin freely when you turn it by hand but not roll? Have you installed the fan correctly way (5 blade: the top of the blade turns forward)? BTW... do you have 5 blade or 6 blade? It has been said that 6 blade makes more noise?
  14. In this videothe engine is cold so you will hear knock sound from lifters. But when warm the sound is much softer. Note that phone records mostly high sound frequencies. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uztyilp7fwc3q3i/AAC8oDcL3kHoGRaIM0XxW9TNa?dl=0
  15. You can take a measurement. Starter collar/flange + Bellhouse. 2 Bolt and nut. If bolts are little bit too long - does not matter.
  16. Suits without "tank iron cage" which the kit includes. I just moved the horn. Waste pipe above and inlet pipe below.
  17. Before I restore my Surge Tank. This looks good to me.😎
  18. Please check this topic. Ask mr Arkus if he still have.
  19. I don't know if there are other options, but this is what I did: I installed the engine without the box and clutch. After installation, I tilted the engine enough to get the clutch and bellhousung to engine (tilt engine because you reached the bellhousing top bolts). When the clucth is installed all the way and engine is totally installed - then the gearbox. The gearboxbox is placed in place by first tilting the back part over the frame (cross) and then the front end upwards. I find easier to do that without shifter and all other shifter parts. Those are easy to to install and adjust last. Edit: According to the workshop manual, you can attach the clutch cover (bellhousing) to the engine before installing the engine in the car. I recommend getting the workshop manual, where you can find all the necessary information. Remember to center the cluch plate with special tool. Also would help if you you machine the pilot bushing so that the visible end has a short chamfer. This is not neccessary but helps to install gearbox shaft.
  20. Hi, Please help. I have made measurements for the rim/wheel, taking into account the Bendix Dunlop Brake. Is there anything special I need to note if I use Turner Disk Brake Conversion Kit?
  21. πŸ‘Thanks! Is this correct? R2 1963 One. Pix Valley Cover without hole for breather. 801550 Pair. With Breather Tubes (caps not included). 801459 https://www.parts123.com/parts123/dyndetail.pta?catalog=0001003a&uKeY=AAIMI
  22. Hi Tanda62, Where to get tose fine Offenhauser style Valve Covers with Studebaker name?
  23. Thanks! 😊 And the result in inner fenders (wheel area) looks like black. πŸ‘
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