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  1. "...mounted in the rear set of holes in the barcket"
  2. Hi, Brackets in frame has two holes. Old rubbers where in "passenger" side holes. Is this correct? Are the new ones "bolt through"?
  3. Hi Bob, Thank You. I found from map the address where first owner lived: xxxx Windsor PL, Santa Ana CA 92705. Car was in this address 1963 - 1974. Interesting to see the house and see a small piece of how the owners have lived. The cultural value of a car increases when it gets a story.πŸ‘
  4. Thank You Skip! πŸ‘πŸ˜
  5. Hi Skip, California registration cards mathes the car. I have those from 1963 to 1974 (in fathers name and later sons name). Car R4543 ID number is correct in every year paper. Plates are IIN-629 same in papers 1963 to 1974 also.
  6. Hi, I bought last week Endoscope. Here you see some photos: Piston, valves, torque box and frame. Pistons and valves shows how rich the mixture has been. Torque box has surface rust. Frame rear has also surface rust. I will clean Torque Box and rear area of the Frame inside with phosphoric acid. Then paint both outside. Spray corrosion protection treatment inside torque box and frame. Spray transparet protection on the frame after the paint. Torque Boxes are very clean outside and also the Frame. Endoscope is very handy. Prices are not huge: from $ 40 - 120. Depends the quality you need. I have wifi version and I use IPhone.
  7. Hi, I red that originally Avanti was designed to have a sport car "noice". California didnt allowed to use that decibel level. 1. Do Glass Packs have "the original sound"? 2. Is there big difference between Glass Packs vrs Quiet Tone Mufflers sound? 3. Today its possible to buy stainless glass packs. I know that in motorcycles stainless mufflers gives more "metallic hard sound". I think Stailess Glass Pack too. Right? development requires curiosity Leo B
  8. Both are design icons πŸ‘
  9. OK. Thanks Studegary. Then I can deduce that my Avanti has been used in daily use in traffic last year 1974. Climate + 11 years + young stallion as a user explains my Avantis condition. After 1974 maybe used just driving or transported here and there.
  10. About the value and Hagerty. Prices which Hagerty shows does not mean its real today. Some cars like Volvo P1800 the price has risen significantly in a few months. To day its very valuable. Referring to Hagerty's estimate, the Avanti price has risen significantly in more than 10% in this year and Im sure will rise all the time.
  11. OK. I understand but does the license plate and sticker (that were in the car) tell that the car was last used in traffic in 1974?
  12. I recently bought both books and I think they are worth buying. The books show well the original parts and their locations even the routes of the wires and hoses.
  13. I see lot of sales: "Driven only sundays and less than 100K miles." 55K miles 58 years car combo is very hard to belive. Avanti shows only 5 mile numbers. I belive more that car has been driven 155K or 255K than 55K. Please check that carefully. Also check famous hog troughs and rear cross member. They tell you a lot how much car has been driven and condition. Value? https://www.hagerty.com/apps/valuationtools/1963-studebaker-avanti
  14. Hey, Please help. Because I live abroad, I don’t know very well about U.S. vehicle registration. Avanti came to Finland 1989 with licence plate 1963 including registration stickers 1973 + 1974. I have registration cards from 30.10.63 to 1974. The first registration was made by a gentleman who sold / gave / left as an inheritance the Avanti to his son in 1973. Im very sure the son used mostly this car. Could it be that this car was last used in 1974 in the U.S? πŸ€” The car would therefore have been staying somewhere for 15 years (bought to Finland 1989). The Avanti interior is in very good condition and the frame + hog troughs are in good condition or lets say ... in excellent condition. Only rust can be found on rear cross member. This can tell that it has only been used for 11 years. πŸ€” The only problem was that the engine heads and Paxton were broken. Maybe the surfer boy was only interested in surfing and high speed than caring for a car. I found the "boy's" name on the internet, but according to the search, he has past away. Same is his father. So I cannot ask. In Finland the Avanti has been used very rarely and only in warm, sunny days. 300-500 miles per year.
  15. I think nowadays all new tanks (cars, boats etc) need to be grounded and the reason is static electricity. Previously, it was not mandatory.
  16. Im not 100% sure, but this looks same idea as aluminium tanks in fiberglass boats.πŸ€”
  17. Wire to ground? Static electricity?
  18. Hi Adam, I have sent PM and email Avanti carb # 3507S Thanks Leo Belik
  19. Leo B

    Hi Adam,

    I have wrote Forum ealier that I need and ready to buy Carter Carburetor. AFB-3507S, 3588S or 3725S for my Avanti R2.

    Do you have a price for 3507S?
    Do you send to Finland?

    Kind Regards Leo Belik leo@belik.fi

  20. Thanks. I will show my Tank to professional "body man" and ask is this possible to do with desent price. Otherwise trying to find beauty one or buy "Eliminator". This is too much of a tank that doesn't look repaired. https://www.ebay.com/itm/313385657973?hash=item48f73da675:g:338AAOSwAwFewiSe
  21. Many thanks for the answers. This is a great relief. I will sleep well πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ I will return to the matter once I have removed the heads, measured the combustion chamber + I can see which pistons I have.
  22. Hi, I have in my R2: 535976 Heads (from -57-58 Hawk). Thats what here is said https://www.studebaker-info.org/Tech/Heads/Headcasting.html I have understood that they work with R2. Do they? Some discussion about this here: https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/general-studebaker-specific-discussion/68896-special-r2-heads-on-ebay Before I open the engine better to know are there special details to check and be sure that they work with R2 Supercharger. My block number is RS2482 and should be correct. Intake Manifold 12 4 S. Thanks to Sudebaker Avanti Authenticy Manual by Alan Basile. Everybody should bought this two manuals before by any Avantis. πŸ‘ (I didnt do that)
  23. Thank you Gunslinger. Im newbie with Avanti. Lot of questions.πŸ˜ƒ
  24. Hi, Wondering. Is this Front Bottom "Spoiler" option part or custom made by owner? I know that earlie Avatis did not have grill. But have not seen "a small spoiler". https://www.theavanti.com/
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