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  1. Bowling Alley. Eagle Rock Lanes ( restaurant and bar)
  2. That is incorrect. Granatelli drove Avanti #9 at Bonneville in 1963 and set all of the records below verified by USAC.
  3. No need to answer, everyone knows the Avanti has an air filter like the 63 Larks.
  4. Yes or no to the question I asked.
  5. Really? Maybe you need to read Avanti literature. Climatizer is listed as standard equipment. Both the parts catalog and shop manual have sections on the Climatizer. The shop manual has directions on how to service the air filter. Now that you understand do you agree an Avanti has an air filter like the 1963 Larks?
  6. Avantis do have an air filter for the Climatizer.
  7. Avantis have an air filter.
  8. I have owned the Avanti since 1965. It was repainted in 1966 because of defects in the factory paint. Other than replacing maintenance items it is mostly original with less than 29,000 miles. Without seeing the judging form I have no idea as to why he lost points. This was before changes were made and more classes were added. Cars entered in the stock class after the change lost 4 points for custom wheels. This happened to me in 1976 at the SDC International Meet in Indianapolis. 194 out of 200 minus 4 for the Cragar wheels for total of 190.
  9. Elmer Sweppenheiser Photos from the 10th Anniversary Meet, South Bend 1972. 63R-3163
  10. I have reprints of two articles that Avant Motors used for promotional hand outs. First is an article from the August, 1966 issue of Road & Track Magazine, a road test of the 1966 Avanti. They state that the Avanti gets a 30 mile road test. The second article is from the September, 1972 issue of Quality Management & Engineering. They state that the Avanti gets road tested between 150 & 250 miles. Avanti Newsletter #30, 1976 article has 250 miles. Looks like Dan Booth ends all the confusion.
  11. 1/4 fine thread, 1&1/8 inch long with 1/4 inch shoulder. Spacer is 1/8th thick.
  12. The spacer goes between the tee fitting and the axle.
  13. https://www.studebaker-info.org/Tech/Bhend/Powerwindowrep0313.pdf
  14. Both answers are correct. 1963 Indiana registration.
  15. This is the number when the Avanti was registered in Indiana to the Studebaker Corporation in 1963. In 1965 the Avanti was registered in California to Egbert with the number NGZ-589.
  16. The 289 production number is not the total for 1983 Avantis. It is the total production number for 1983 & 1984 Avantis built in calendar year 1983.
  17. That number is 1983 calendar year production, not 1983 model year production.
  18. 1964-1966 Studebaker Lark Hawk Avanti NEW Bendix Power Brake Check Valve | eBay
  19. Each mounting plate is made with two separate pieces.
  20. Based on the wording of the question the answer is 10.
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