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  1. Thank you for that information. I stand corrected. In the meantime can you answer my question about all the inaccurate information you are spreading?
  2. Are you saying this pre production Avanti was assembled at MFG in Ashtabula and transported to the Studebaker Proving Grounds for testing?
  3. Thanks to Bob Andrews for the update posted yesterday on the SDC Forum. I spoke with him yesterday. Being honest, his prognosis is not great. He is taking it well, considering. He seems happy to hear from me, but I always caution him to not hesitate to end the call if he feels tired, or for any other reason. And if you know Gary, he will. I had thought about asking if he would want me to post contact info, but when you're that ill it can get overwhelming quickly. This is all part of life, but it still sucks. I just stay available for when he feels he needs me. He does try to e-mail status updates. Below is an excerpt from the latest one (some info redacted): It has only been two weeks since my last Status. Things are about the same. I can not walk. I am usually uncomfortable (abdomen, to differing degrees. I eat well - three meals a day. I sleep poorly. I am still waiting to get a new enhanced PET scan. I think that it is being held up by my insurance co. because I had one nine months ago. I have an idea what it will show, but I would like the scan. This will also lead to what treatment I may go on. I have had some welcome calls and visits. My niece, Cheryl, drove up from Florida and spent three days with me. We discussed a lot of things, including family history back to the Civil War.
  4. An original Avanti gas cap is not vented.
  5. regnalbob

    R3 Heads!

    I see you edited out the ignorant comment you made about me. There was no need to clarify anything, everything was self explanatory. The only person who needed clarification was you. I will not tolerate any more of your ignorant remarks.
  6. regnalbob

    R3 Heads!

    What is your point? If you carefully read my reply you will see my document from Paxton is dated June 2, 1964! It has the suggested list and net prices for R3 and R4 parts. " Supersedes all previous schedules. Prices subject to change without notice." I certainly dont need you to tell me that Paxton was a subsidiary of Studebaker.
  7. regnalbob

    R3 Heads!

    The price list dated June 2, 1964 is from Paxton. Prices are FOB Santa Monica, Calf. Suggested list price $510.75. Net price $306.45. R3 Engine Suggested list price $1660.00. Net price $725.00.
  8. regnalbob


    Here is a post from the SDC Forum. Gary, You are in my thoughts and prayers. Bob Langer Gary has been battling cancer for a while now. Recently it was found to have spread. I have been trying to stay in regular contact like we always have but had not heard in a while. I e-mailed him again yesterday and he responded that he is not doing well. Currently in a rehab facility after emergency surgery. It is hard to know the right thing to do. I was going to PM this because Gary wanted to keep this private, but decided to post because he has many friends here who I know would want the chance to pray for him. At this point that is all I know. I will post any updates. Last edited by Bob Andrews; Today, 07:48 AM.
  9. There is a picture in the Avanti shop manual.
  10. Posted December 29, 2018 Yes, you are correct.....First magazine was published in '86.....Issue #58...by (then editor) Wendell Hanks....Thanks!
  11. Why am I wrong? The information is from a Studebaker Service Letter sent to dealers for Registration and Licensing. If you have a problem with this, I suggest you contact E.J. Challinor at Studebaker Automotive Sales Corp. and tell him he is wrong.
  12. That would be for the 1964 model year. For 1963 AC 3286 was Turquoise, front only.
  13. The 1964 registration data from Studebaker shows the 4 speed weighs 5 lbs less than the 3 speed.
  14. regnalbob

    Avanti TT!

    From the 1964 Avanti Order Guide.
  15. Here is one of the pictures Dwight mentioned.
  16. The fitting for the breather tube hose was located on the side of the filter near the valve cover. At least one prototype had no fitting for the breather tube hose.
  17. Maybe this will be specific enough for you.
  18. A lock washer was installed with the crank arm retaining nut.
  19. Not all 1963 Avantis had chrome covers. They were discontinued in March or April of 1963.
  20. 4 hours ago, regnalbob said: Yes, I do know the history for the first 24 months and the supercharger was not rebuilt I really don't think it is necessary for me to explain to you how I know the supercharger was not rebuilt. A very simple process. You should be able to figure it out.
  21. Dec 26, 2006 2003 AZ-263451 (Unique) Jim W. Baize Ferrari Tour DeFrance blue exterior paint with Sandstone all leather interior and blue lettering highlights. Convertible with a tan top and the classic 350 cu in, 300 hp GM powertrain. Dash is burlwood and beautiful. As stylish as my other four Avantis, but more contemporary in looks. A fun, fast, head-turner! Formerly owned by Alice Cooper, with provenance. 2006 Registratio
  22. Yes, I do know the history for the first 24 months and the supercharger was not rebuilt. Yes, my Brother's Avanti did have an orange supercharger from the factory. Yes, not all superchargers were black from the factory.
  23. Sorry, not all superchargers were painted black. My Avanti (2809) is painted orange from the factory. I have owned it for 57 years and the supercharger was never rebuilt. My late brother's (5461) was painted orange. I was present when it was delivered to the family dealership.
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