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    Avanti R4!

    Here is a picture of B-22 formerly owned by Bill Burke installed in R-5481 in May, 1975.
  2. 9 Avantis. 5 stickers each. 45
  3. The following is what Studebaker included in the 1964 registration and licensing data sent to dealers.
  4. The Avanti nameplate on the nose panel.
  5. then a big credit with a final net price of $500.00
  6. Production Avanti serial numbers. 1963 63R-1001 through R-4834 1964 R-4835 through R-5643
  7. I have an undated early AOAI Roster listing it as Gold. The 1976 AOAI Roster has it listed as Red.
  8. I tried to provide some information that I thought would be of interest to forum members. For some reason you think it is necessary to take issue with the serial number. Before you criticise someone make sure you are correct. Actually you are wrong. The correct number is 63R-1025.
  9. There were two A Engines listed on the R-3 Registry in 2012.. A-5, which was installed in R-3923 used by a Paxton manager. Later it may have been installed in R-5013. A-10, owned by Jon Myer. RS-1021 used in R-1025 did not have a Paxton number.
  10. regnalbob

    Avanti R4!

    R-5653 was prototype EX-2945. Originally built as an R-1 with engine number EX-2123.
  11. While a PCV was not standard on R3s and R4s it was offered as an option for $12.00. ( dealer cost: $9.32 ). Mandatory in California.
  12. Ground strap on the antenna.
  13. The Avanti like other Studebaker models had disposable thin plastic covers installed at the factory to protect the seats. These were not the thick clear plastic covers used for furniture. The covers were not removed until we delivered the car to the customer or the car was used for showroom display.
  14. Paul, At least one car may have had the shroud as part of the package.
  15. Is this all you have? I thought you would have a definitive answer.
  16. Nothing happened on that date. At the time only two prototype Avantis were built, one was in New York for the auto show and the second was in South Bend for the Shareholders Meeting for the unveiling on April 26, 1962. There were no R-3s available at that time.
  17. Just like I had to clarify for you in Avanti Record that the #9 Avanti did not run 178.50 mph at Bonneville. Now clarify this. Since Nate Altman did not have a brother Ray how did this transaction occur? Nate had two brothers Arnold D. and Herman S. Altman.
  18. Don't you see something wrong with the details? You need to brush up on your Avanti history Eddy.
  19. False, it was not Avanti Motors. Fremont F. Ellis traded his 1963 Avanti and one of his paintings to Ray Altman for his 1967 Avanti II.
  20. Yes, maybe 2. The first is confirmed and the second is not confirmed.
  21. None of these. EX-2943 was destroyed by fire.
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