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  1. On the front of my 1987 they cut the fenders off below the belt line. Good luck, JimWood
  2. If it uses the GM column you can disconnect the cable midway down the column. But the problem is more likely in the ignition switch. The switch is flat and at the base of the column. There is a rod that goes into the switch from the lock cylinder, if the switch is sticking it will not allow the lock cylinder to rotate fully. Good luck, Jim Wood
  3. Are you having a problem getting the key out of the ignition or having a problem with the lock assembly going into position to let you remove the key? The Neutral Safety should not stop the lock from releasing the key. I would loosen the ignition switch at the base of the column and see if the ignition lock will go freely into position. Good luck, Jim Wood
  4. I would unplug the distributor connector and remove the wiring from the harness back about two feet, the OEM connector should be there. Or cut the tan wire a couple inches from the distributor, set the timing and reconnect the wire. From what I have been told you can also hook up a scanner and with the engine running it will make the ECM go into base mode. I have never done this and don't know if it works. Good luck, Jim Wood
  5. Set the timing. Is the carburetor a Quadrajet E4M or an aftermarket. There should be a solenoid that controls plate closing during shutdown. This helps prevent dieseling. Dieseling and knock can also be caused in the Chevy small block by heated deposits. Go to a GM dealers part counter and get a bottle of ACDelco 10-3015 Top Engine Cleaner and follow the directions. You SLOWLY pour it into the carburetor with the engine running, before this came out we would use water at the dealers I worked. Good luck, Jim Wood
  6. May be located under the passenger dash near the ECM. Not sure where Avanti hid it, but its there. Should be 1 of the wires coming off of the distributor, follow the tan wire. Good luck, Jim Wood
  7. This is a single wire NEAR the distributor, should be tan on one side of the connector and tan\black on other side. You can also go to www.montecarloSS.com and search their site for info. Their site is full of good info for your Avanti. Good luck, Jim Wood
  8. Yes. The ECM will not hold base time unless you disconnect the distributor to ECM wire. I'll check tomorrow on the wire colors, but it will be a single wire with a connector. Good luck, Jim Wood
  9. Get engine to operating temperature. Disconnect single wire connector in engine harness between distributor and ECM. Setting should be on Emission sticker, or set to 6*. Reconnect wire connector. Good luck, Jim Wood
  10. Here in the shop we have received many warnings and a Federal RECALL of cheap China made fuses. In the last 10 years I have seen a hand full of glass fuses that are defective. The center element of the fuse is not blown but the end caps are not fully attached to the element. These will ohm OK (0 ohms) and test OK for voltage (12.6 volts), but will not carry amps. The only way you can find them is to Load test the system with a LoadPro or use a small headlight with alligator clips. Imagine a 12 gauge wire that is cut except for 1 stain of wire. It will pass a ohm and v
  11. Pull the plug on the switch and use a jumper wire to complete the circuit. If it works the switch is bad, if not it could be in the turn signal switch. Good luck, Jim Wood
  12. I’d replace the fuse again. Just because it’s new and looks ok doesn’t mean it’s working. I’ve wasted many an hour over a fuse that looked good. Good luck, Jim Wood
  13. Newer cars use stepper motors to operate the gauges. I've replaced a lot of them. This should be a Steward Warner gauges with Avanti face plates. If memory serves me no motors, just field windings to operate the gauge. Pretty bullet proof, usually sender or wiring. Good luck, Jim Wood
  14. Is the play in the linkage or where the arm mounts? The socket of the arm mounts on a grooved pivot. Sometimes the arm socket wears out and you have to replace the arm. Good luck, Jim Wood
  15. I posted wiring diagrams for the 1987 Avanti, page 32 is for gauges. There is an oil pressure sender and an oil pressure sensor. The sender is for the gauge. The sensor is used to by the ECM to tell if the engine is running, 90 Ohms full, 0 Ohms empty. Unplugged will peg the needle full, grounding the wire will peg the needle empty. Don't apply voltage. If no movement problem could be in wiring or gauge. Check for voltage at the sending unit. Good luck, Jim Wood
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