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  1. No hog troughs on a 1989. If its a Monte Carlo chassis you can use S10 drop spindles to lower the front end. I had an article in the Avanti Magazine on how to do that about 15 years ago. Good luck, Jim Wood
  2. I tried years ago and didn't have much success. I ended up buying the runners. How did you do it? Good luck, Jim Wood
  3. GM - 16061602 AC Delco - 15-72530 Standard - RU540 Good luck Jim Wood
  4. Mine looks like it has one, but I have never removed the cover. Good luck, Jim Wood
  5. Firewall forward the A/C is Monte Carlo. Pressure switch is in the line on the left side of engine above frame behind battery. Good luck, Jim Wood
  6. Was looking for origin of the 1976 chrome wiper toggle switch with the washer button in the center. Saw one that looked like it on a 1970 AMC Rebel. Looks like it was used on the 1970-73 AMC Rebel, Ambassador and Matador. Jim Wood
  7. So this axle has spring pads for the rear leaf springs like a S10? S10's don't have the coil springs or 4 link system link the Caprice and Monte Carlo. Caprice also used a rear axle tone ring for the speed sensor. What is the axle code? Good luck, Jim Wood
  8. Motor/Alldata Repair is showing 1991 Chevrolet Caprice as having coil spring rear suspension. Good luck, Jim Wood
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