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  1. This is the molding off the 84 GT. Currently under going a frame off restoration. Used a lot of nonstandard parts. Just found a 1984 305 HO engine to replace the 1990 350 that was in the car. We are bringing it back to how it was at Mid-Ohio in 1984.
  2. I will need to replace my body side molding. Can somebody tell me a source for the rubber trim? What did it originally come off of? Thanks Bill
  3. Thank You all for the help. Bill
  4. Nothing about this restoration is standard :0. Most the fiberglass work was done, shall we say "half-ass". Looks like I am bending new metal. Who caries the proper pedials?
  5. Here is the set-up on my car. Was this a standard in 84? It is very possible mine is custom.
  6. Can somebody please post a photo of an 84-85 manual pedal configuration? Do they drop from the top or up from the bottom? Somebody cut the gas pedal by 2/3's and are using an automatic break pedal on a manual car so when you try to hit the gas or clutch you always hit the break. A photo of an existing car would help plus who would have a replacement for this year? Photo's of both the petals and brackets would give me some guidance. Trying to put everything back to factory. Thank You Bill
  7. Relisted due to non-payment. Bill
  8. 383 Stroker Engine. Was going to use in my 84 renovation but have gone in a different direction. $4,500 GT Engine.mp4 1. 383.ci. Engine (1987 SBC block w/one-piece rear seal) 2. .030” overbore, boiled-out, new freeze plugs & cam bearings 3. New rotating assy, cast crankshaft, std grind, HD rods 4. Flat top hypereutectic pistons, moly rings 5. New oil pan 6. New oil pump, pick-up, shaft 7. New performance roller cam and OEM lifters 8. New dampener 9. New roller timing set and cover 10. New roller tip rocker arms & allen nuts 11. New gear reduction starter 12. Long leg aluminum high volume water pump 13. Reconditioned Edelbrock performer aluminum intake manifold 14. New chrome moly push rods 15. Reconditioned Mickey Thompson vintage valve covers 16. New SFI flex plate 17. Chrome breathers and thermostat housing 18. World Products iron heads w/2.08-1.6 valves, 64 cc, heavy duty springs and retainers, angle plugs 19. 10.5:1 compression ratio 20. Fully balanced, align-honed 21. Pump Premium fuel, approx. 400 HP/400 LB torque 22. Engine fired & run-in 20 minutes, lifters adjusted Located in South Bend, Indiana Contact Bill at 574-532-6927
  9. In a 1984 was the engine bay painted black or body color? Thank You in Advance Bill
  10. I don't need the seals but could use the rest. Bill
  11. Have you considered donating them to a local library?
  12. Herb Adams. I own the Mid-Ohio GT and we are in the middle of a total restoration bring the car back to it's configuration when it raced. Herb has been a wealth of information and inspiration on our restoration project. If I am not mistaken Dan Booth own's the Daytona GT.
  13. Herb Adams did the chassis for the #28 Mid-Ohio Avanti GT and its body was a 1977 donor done at the Avanti factory. Both the Mid-Ohio car and the Daytona car are referred to as GT's but the Mid-Ohio car is the only one of the 2 with a true Avanti body, interior and engine. If fact the Mid-Ohio car was never intended to race, it was a prototype for the GT Blake wanted to build. The idea to race in the Showroom Stock race at Mid-Ohio was made after the car was built and Herb had only 30 days to put together a team and make sure everything was ready to race. No race engine, no fuel cell, no larger breaks, no racing seat. The only thing they did was fabricate a bold in roll bar.
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